Gratitude And A Few Announcements

A while ago, I deleted my daily gratitude page as it was becoming too much for me to update it every morning. That does not mean that I stopped being grateful, it just meant I was internalizing my words, rather than sharing them. Life has been amazing this year in so many ways. I am connecting with so many fantastic food bloggers from around the world, every day. I am doing things I would never have dreamed about doing. At the beginning of the year I was blogging for Woolworths, providing them with mostly original recipes for their blog. Since then I have been blogging for Canderel in a five part series of posts, together with some of my fellow bloggers. I am ready to expand my horizons, and in order to do so I am moving my blog from to This does not mean much of a change for you, my lovely readers, but it does mean a lot of behind the scenes work for me. I am so excited that I am committing myself to this and if I am nor around for a few days you will know why. I will post again on Friday and Monday and depending on how long the transfer takes, I will be back to normal in about a week or so.

Further to this, my second BlackBerry PlayBook is faulty – my first one had a faulty USB port, and this one’s camera has stopped working. It is going in today to be repaired or replaced (I am hoping for the latter) which means I will not be reading all the blogs I usually read on a daily basis. I use the RSS reader on my PlayBook to read blogs every morning while enjoying my first cup of coffee. I will pop in where and when I can until my PlayBook is returned.

And . . . . I finally finished uploading some of our photos from our holiday in Scotland. If any of you want to take a look, please click here – and remember the last post is actually the first!

Thank you for all your blog love and support!

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47 thoughts on “Gratitude And A Few Announcements

  1. Hi Tandy, well done to you with your blogging for Woollies and Canderal! But can you tell me the difference between and going to check out your photos now 🙂

    1. I am going to do a blog post about the difference – but basically is totally free and therefore has some restrictions as to posts and advertising. With you own your blog which means you can have paid for posts on it, as well as advertise. Have a super day 🙂

  2. What a full year you have had, so very pleased for your success on the blogging.
    Will wait in anticipation for the blogs to resume, they are one of the lovely parts of my day.

        1. it does, but it does not support all the themes content. I have found an amazing theme to work with and I have spent the entire day getting it ready

  3. Congrats!! I’m so excited for your new site! I’d love to hear how the move goes for you – I’m thinking about taking the jump myself!

  4. Tandy! How exciting for you. I am so excited to watch the changes. Also, I loved looking through your photos – especially the Skye photos. Beautiful!

    1. Thanks Tammy. Skye was beautiful but I was glad we were there when it was warm as I am sure it would be quite desolate in the winter 🙂

  5. Tandy, so exciting to be moving to – I assume you get more say over the design and other elements? I have had a very quick look at those beautiful photographs of yours, but later I shall make a cup of coffee and have a good long look, after Al has gone home 🙂 I loved what I had time to see!

    1. There is a lot more say over everything – and a lot of work to get the blog to look right. Dave took all the photos of Scotland – he is really good with the camera. Enjoy your weekend 🙂

  6. Congratulations on the move, I hope it will help you grow in the way you want. I will be interested in seeing how hard it is to change over and how much additional work it is. I own my own domain name and thought that I would originally to with But I am very computer challenged. Best of luck.

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