July 2012 Showcasing In My Kitchen

This is my 12th post which means I have been documenting what is IN MY KITCHEN for a year now 🙂 There are lots of lovely goodies that I have shared with you, and this month is no exception. If you would like to do a post along this theme then please link back to Celia who gathers us all together on her blog. Also, you are looking at my new site – it is not yet all done but I hope during the course of the morning I will get it finished. In My Kitchen July 2012 …

In my kitchen …

is a copy of Rawlicious – this formed part of the prize for the rawlicious challenge I held earlier this year. I made date bars for the challenge.

In My Kitchen July 2012 I kept a copy for myself
I kept a copy for myself

In my fridge …

on the 3rd of June!

in my fridge
in my fridge

In my kitchen …

is a new omelet pan which is perfect for making all sorts of delicious things in other than eggs

my new omelet pan
my new omelet pan

In my kitchen …

Is a gift from a blogger friend Janice Tripepi – I have not yet sampled it!

A gift from Janice! July 2012
A gift from Janice!

At the Food and Wine Bloggers Indaba I won three boxes of lovely goodies from Pesto Princess. The concept is Banquet in a Box and the first box was full of their delicious pestos which I have frozen. These are really handy for many uses, including a very quick pasta meal which we made the night of the Indaba as I got home so late!

Box 2 of Banquet In A Box From Pesto Princess
Box 2 of Banquet In A Box From Pesto Princess
Box 3 of Banquet In A Box From Pesto Princess
Box 3 of Banquet In A Box From Pesto Princess

In my kitchen …

Is an awesome knife from yuppiechef and an apron. I don’t usually wear an apron but I love the sentiment on this one as I could kiss the tools!

my brand new knife and apron - thank you Yuppiechef July 2012
my brand new knife and apron – thank you Yuppiechef

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31 thoughts on “July 2012 Showcasing In My Kitchen

  1. The new blog sight has given me a bit of a problem…said error. But as you can see I found this post.

    1. I have an LG – It has loads of freezer space and compartments which I love. I have to think about what to do with the salt 🙂

  2. That’s a perfect pan. Metal, heat-proof handle. I have two very similar and I use them nearly every day. And that’s a great idea to take a photo of the fridge. I must remember that!

    1. the fridge photo makes me really keep it all neat and tidy! I have made tatin’s in the pan and they come out perfectly 🙂

  3. wow. you’ve got soo many gifts from your friends! You must be very well-loved <3 haha.. I love your apron! So cuute! And I feel ashamed of my fridge looking at yours! Yours looks so organized and well-stocked!

  4. Hi Tandy, I had a massive fridge clean out the other day, from top to bottom – it looked so good when I was finished I immediately thought of your fabulously tidy fridge … almost tempted to blog a photo in your honour 🙂

  5. Tandy, a year of IMKs!! That’s fantastic – we’ve been peering in your fridge for a whole 12 months! 🙂 The Rawlicious book sounds intriguing, and I love the idea of shittake and truffle salt! Sorry for the late comment – I seem to have dropped off your email feed, but I’ve resubscribed now! xx

  6. Hi, Tandy!
    Your blog is always a very gracious place to visit for IMK posts.
    The salt sounds so intriguing. And all the “new” stuff is neat to see. Sometimes I find myself looking for the products that I see on these posts- and then I remember- DOWNSIZE is my current direction. Although I can’t see where a new knife would be such a big addition… :).

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