Food Quiz Number 73 For A Friday

So, even though my domain has been transferred, I am still blogging on I am sure there is some setting I am supposed to change, but who knows where that is! Blogging is going to resume as normal, so if you don’t see me for a few days you will know the move has taken place, and that your subscription has not followed me. In the meantime, I am doing the Friday’s Food Quiz Number 73 which my dear friend Pink has posted here.

1. What is the main ingredient of “potage st. germain”?

Dried/split peas

2. What is a cordial?

Something I need to make! A non alcoholic concentrate. You can use elderflowers for this.

Grapefruit Cordial for Friday's Food Quiz Number 73
Grapefruit Cordial

3. Where did chicken kiev originate from?

Kiev seems too obvious, so I will go with Russia

4. What two ingredients MUST BE in a cassoulet?

Haricot beans and pork sausage, duck or goose. Dave and I spent a week barging the Midi Canal and he ate this meal three times.

5. What is the main ingredient of the Greek dish Spanakorizo?


6. What does “Kleftiko” mean?

to cook in a sealed pot

7. Sage is native to which area?

Central and South America

8. What are the traditional ingredients of Beef Wellington?

fillet steak, pâté, mushroom duxelles and puff pastry

9. What is the dough called that is used to make croquet-en-bouchée’s puffs?

Choux Pastry

10. What is the traditional Thailand soup made of coconut and chicken called?

Tom Yum?

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17 thoughts on “Food Quiz Number 73 For A Friday

  1. As always a highly entertaining food quiz! #10 would be Tom Ka Gai, I think Tom is the Thai word for soup and Yum = salad.

    Have a great week and may the move be smooth!

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