Ingredient Challenge: Capers, Anchovies And Garlic

Ingredient Challenge: Capers, Anchovies And Garlic

The challenge beginning today and ending at midnight on the 11th of June is to make any meal using all of the following ingredients plus what ever else you need to make your recipe special and unique. The ingredients are capers, anchovies and garlic. Once you have done your post please let me know! The obvious choice here is to make a tapenade which is what I have done. In my opinion, these three ingredients need to be in everyone’s kitchen at all times. They are so versatile and can take a dish from average to great. Capers can be fried for texture, or chopped up and used to salt a dish. Anchovies, even though they are expensive, can be used in small quantities. They will totally amp up any recipe. Garlic is one of those ingredients that needs to be cooked, or used pickled. When combining capers, anchovies and garlic you can use the garlic raw. Combining these ingredients can result in a big hit of flavour. Tapenade can be used as a spread for bread, or added to pasta as a sauce. Tapenade is also great when served with lamb. Consider boning a leg and stuffing it before cooking.

Olive Tapenade for the Ingredient Challenge: Capers, Anchovies And Garlic
Olive Tapenade

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