Le Creuset Butter Keeper

Last month in my kitchen I showed off my lovely new Le Creuset Butter Keeper.

Le Creuset Butter Keeper
butter keeper

I got a few queries as to how it worked, and if it worked and so I thought I would do a short blog post about it. You start with the butter keeper empty and fill the round bit with softened butter. You do not want the butter to come right up to the lip as the lip touches the water. There is a ‘fill line’ in the jar section and you put cold water into there. The top then closes and the water keeps the butter fresh, and soft.

How The Butter Keeper Works
How The Butter Keeper Works

The booklet says to change the water every second day but I am changing it every day. I find this easier to remember and do it every night when I start cooking. So far we have had some really hot days, but it is still winter here and hot does not mean sweltering. However, the butter has remained spreadable and has not gone too soft, or hardened on the days when the temperature has dropped to the single digits (remember I live in Celsius land).

I have a butter dish as well and this is now on my table but in summer it will find its way back into the fridge where it usually lives when we have a heat wave. I can recommend this product and I would buy another one without hesitation if I needed it.

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25 thoughts on “Le Creuset Butter Keeper

  1. In summer I resort to cutting off a small section of my butter for the butter dish and the rest of the butter stays in the fridge.
    Your bell looks lovely – not sure it would hold enough at any one time for me. 😉
    Have a super day.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  2. What a lovely idea!! I’ve had a difficult time knowing how to store butter here in Oz. It’s either a solid brick in the fridge or a puddle on the counter. 🙂 This is a much better idea. 🙂

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