Make Your Kitchen Look As Good As Your Food

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How often have you heard people say that the kitchen is the heart of the home? They are not wrong. After all, this is the space where everyone gathers for a light-hearted conversation and a filling meal. It also doubles as an office, study space, and even filming studio. There are so many roles that this room can fulfill. Thus, it makes sense that we should spruce it up to enjoy our time in it even more. But how can we do this at a cost-effective price? Easy! We can use temporary wallpaper! We take you through why this wallpaper has become such a norm and how you can use it in your space.

Make Your Kitchen Look As Good As Your Food With Temp Wallpaper

Why Should You Use Temporary Wallpaper?

Traditional wallpaper was always encumbered with a hoard of challenges. To start with, it was hard to install as it required a significant level of skills to get the adherence right. If you made one mistake, you often had to start over, which forced most people to call in professionals to handle the installation. Moreover, the use of traditional wallpaper usually voided leases as landlords would often take issue with the changes to wall structures. Thus, the idea of temporary wallpaper was a welcome one as it came with the following array of benefits:

  1. It comes in many options: You can get almost any temporary wallpaper design – from botanical wallpaper to floral wallpaper down to murals. Thus, you can find something that works for your home and style. For example, if you want to create an accent wall, you can use a moody mural to achieve this.
  2. It’s easy to install: Rather than force you to learn how to use paste, temporary wallpaper features an adhesive. Once you peel the paper off its backing, you can attach it to any smooth and dry surface. Even someone who has not used wallpaper before can get the hang of how this installation works. As such, most people choose to DIY the wallpaper and save on installation costs. Moreover, removing the wallpaper is not a hassle. All you do is peel it off the wall, and if you would like to use it in the future, you can store it in its original backing. How is that for cost-saving?
  3. It works for short-term applications: Suppose you only want to change your kitchen appearance for a party or an event. Using paint or traditional wallpaper would not suffice. These options are permanent and require you to hold on to them for quite a long time. But with temporary wallpaper? You can install and remove the wallpaper on the same day! That enables you to play around with themes as you wish. You can even use a different theme for each week in line with your menu!
  4. It does not damage the wall: For most people in rented homes and offices, adhering to the lease is crucial as it allows them to keep occupying the spaces. Most landlords frown upon permanent changes in spaces as this alters the original structure of the home or office. However, temporary wallpaper does not require you to change anything on the wall surface. You can adhere it on the wall and peel it off, and nobody would be the wiser that you had once installed a wallpaper. Thus, you can avoid breaching the terms of your contract while still giving your kitchen the facelift it so deserves.
  5. It is cheap: While you may think that temporary wallpaper would be expensive owing to the above benefits, it is not. Most manufacturers offer a range of affordable options, enabling you to have your cake and eat it. Besides, the wallpaper can last more than a decade. Thus, if you are looking for a long-term solution, this can work.

On top of these benefits, temporary wallpaper also protects the wall onto which you adhere it. That results in less cleanup work when you finally remove the paper.

How Can You Use Temporary Wallpaper in Your Kitchen?

There are so many ways you can use temporary wallpaper to make your kitchen look better than it does now. These ideas include:

  1. To inspire a theme: Have you ever wanted your kitchen to ooze a specific vibe? That’s what temp wallpaper can help you do. For example, if you want to inspire moodiness in the kitchen, you can use moody murals. Or you can work with dark-colored wallpaper. Apply the wallpaper to the main walls and allow the hues to take their effect. You should note that wallpaper has the same effect as paint. So, when using bold hues, please think of how they will affect the feel and size of the room.
  2. To separate the sections: Most people have now embraced the open plan kitchen, which creates harmony between the kitchen, dining, and living rooms. While this makes the room feel airier and more inviting, it can also create confusion because people no longer know where each room starts and ends. You can fix this using wallpaper. For example, you can use white or beige for the living room, a warm orange for the dining area, and a deeper orange for the kitchen. As one moves from one space to the other, the change in the hues will highlight the transformation.
  3. To create an accent wall: If your kitchen is complete and still feels bland, you can use temp wallpaper to spice things up by creating a focal point. For example, you can use tropical wallpaper to transport people to the beach. They can momentarily leave the kitchen and get lost in the beaches as they stare at the wallpaper. Be careful when creating a focal point – you should not have other competing focal points as this can make the room feel busy. Thus, when you find your main point, arrange the other elements to complement this point.

Did you know that you can also use temp wallpaper to line shelves and cabinets in the kitchen? Your imagination is the only limit to the creative ways to paper your kitchen.


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  1. I like the before/after photos. It’s a great idea for a complete change of look. We had our kitchen remodeled last June & now have subway tile. Our walls are wood so we didn’t think we could have tile but – miracle tile guy!

    I completely agree about the kitchen being the center of the home. We spend so much time here.

  2. I had never heard of temporary wallpaper – but what great idea. Sounds like an easy and cost-effective way to change the look of any room. and If you’re not happy, it would be easy to change back to the original. or try another temporary wallpaper.

  3. I think wall paper has gone out of style here. I’m surprised that you are reproducing advertisements verbatim!

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