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So, I did not make it to round 3 of PFB, My Luxury Dinner Party. Part of me was so disappointed, but the other part was relieved as we had such a busy weekend planned and I do not know where I would have found the time to blog about my dinner party. Thank you to everyone who voted for me and supported me through this. The great achievement is that out of 2000 bloggers worldwide who started the competition, I made it to the top 400! As usual, where votes are counted, popularity rather than content can determine winners so I can only hope that the person who wins this competition deserves the accolades. I am going to continue with the challenges however. This is because I want to grow as a blogger so that next year I get further in the competition. I learnt so much as this year’s FBC but there is lots more room for improvement.


I love hosting dinner parties – I love every part of what goes in to making it more than successful. Friends leave our house with their bellies and their souls nourished which gives me so much joy. We have a very small dining room and our table seats 4 people comfortably so our dinner parties are always small and intimate. Our plan is to get a large dining room table for the new house but until then we have the most beautiful antique table for parties.

The first stage of planning a dinner party is working out the menu. Once this is done I make sure that all the shopping is done the day before. I then start my day with nothing else to do but prepare the meal, set the table and relax. It is an important part of the preparations to spend an hour before your guests arrive doing nothing! I relax by sitting in front of the TV watching motor sport or cooking shows.

My Table For My My Luxury Dinner Party
My Table For My My Luxury Dinner Party

To see the main course, click here and for the dessert course, click here.

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