December 2016 Showcasing In My Kitchen

Showcasing December 2016

My aim is to be a month ahead in my blog posts and as I start typing Showcasing December 2016 it is the 6th of December. It is amazing how quickly the year has gone by. I hope that the festive season was amazing and that 2017 holds all your wishes.

JHP Gourmet Guide

I was sent a copy of the JHP Gourmet Guide to review. I am not very impressed by the content, especially given that my favourite South African restaurant was not rated at all! The recipe I made was not easy to follow and so this is one book that has been in my kitchen and is now out of it!

Showcasing December 2016 JHP Gourmet Guide 2016/2017
JHP Gourmet Guide 2016/2017
Coconut sugar

After much experimenting with coconut sugar I made honeycomb toffee. It was a huge success and so easy to make that I will be sure to make more again.

Showcasing December 2016 Coconut Sugar
Coconut Sugar

I finally managed to get a decent enough photograph of the items I made at Fanglasstic. The large rectangular plate is being used to keep my kitchen sponge and odour remover off the windowsill. I am using the small bowl for my rings which are the first thing I take off when I get home.

Showcasing December 2016 Fanglasstic

Dave and I hosted two young ladies at our house for lunch. They came from Congo to spend a short holiday break in Cape Town. We did not ask them to bring anything to the table, other than soft drinks. They also brought stunning bread sticks and this bottle of jam that I will open as soon as Dave has finished the youngberry jam he bought.

Showcasing December 2016 Jam
Lemcke Oils

As part of the campaign that I took part in I received a great selection of Lemcke Oils. I have used the hemp seed oil and the almond oil and have a recipe coming that uses the coconut oil.

Showcasing December 2016 Lemcke Oils
Lemcke Oils
MareSol Gift

After a great meal and some good beer at the launch of MareSol I received a gift of peri-peri sauce. This will be opened in due course, after all the other bottles we have waiting in the pantry.

Showcasing December 2016 MareSol Gift
MareSol Gift
December 2016 #FOMO Box

This month we got some lovely goodies, including coffee which will never go to waste. The small panettone will be opened on Christmas eve when Dave and I will be alone for dinner. I am planning a few dinner parties this December so the fig preserve will be served at one of them on a cheese board. My maple syrup is being put aside for recipe testing and the rosemary and thyme herb blend will be used on a leg of lamb roast.

December 2016 FOMO Box

That is all I am Showcasing December 2016 In My Kitchen.

Dave and I are on leave. We will be back at work on the 9th of January. I will start replying to comments then. 

Inspiration published on Lavender and Lime January 4:

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20 thoughts on “December 2016 Showcasing In My Kitchen

  1. Lol – I’m glad your so fearless in your review of that book and it’s not taking up room. Your very lucky to receive those oils as they’re worth a small fortune but even luckier with that prune jam or paste. I love it!

  2. Ooh that box looks so fun!! I’m also super impressed by your ability to get ahead with your blog- that’s my dream! Hope you’re having a good break 🙂

  3. I LOVE the items you made at Fanglassic. Gorgeous!! What good taste you have. Having a ring holder is such a good idea, especially when working with dough, flour et cetera. The flour gets stuck in the crevices of my rings and ick. Enjoy your leave!!! See you January 9th =)

  4. me ha encantado este post, nos enseñas productos muy interesanes, y el plato es precioso

  5. Love checking out other people’s kitchens – I have had a big ol’ throw out/give away of some of the beautifully photographed cookbooks whose recipes just don’t make the grade to, only the real deal stays in my kitchen these days (well, that would be true if indeed I did have a kitchen at the moment…. but that’s another story!!) Aahhh yes to the Coconut Sugar, I’ve found quite a few things to use it or substitute using it too.

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