Something Savoury Challenge: Cabbage

The Something Savoury challenge is to get people who do not ordinarily cook into the kitchen to try their hand at something. I use the challenge to cook something out of my ‘must try this’ file.

The challenge for this week is make something savoury using cabbage. There is no end date to the challenge as this is about challenging yourself.

"Meatballs Wrapped In Cabbage"
Meatballs Wrapped In Cabbage

If you decide to take part in my weekly challenge, please link back to my blog in your post and leave me a comment to let me know you have done so. I will do a weekly round up of all posts.


Cindy’s fine pair are the most beautiful red pears, which she submitted for the regional and seasonal challenge.  For the same challenge Sue has come up with a Stilton, broccoli and pear quiche – flavours that really get me intrigued. Mandy has made some lovely pinotage pears that are worth trying.

For the something sweet challenge Sharon wants to know if the imminent arrival of baby Jessica counts 🙂 Even though it is not a cake, it is something new she has ‘baked’. And let me tell you, the baby is too cute, with lovely curls 🙂

Le Creuset sponsored this challenge and the first entry was from The Gorgeous Gourmet and she baked a black forest cake. Cindy was next to enter, and she has come up with mini fig tarts. The third entry is from Mandy and she has turned a cinnamon cake into cupcakes. Sue has entered gingerbread cupcakes with French buttercream frosting. Baglady has made a bread and butter pudding for her entry. The Gorgeous Gourmet send in extra entries – one for Two Tone Heart Biscuits and the other for Profiteroles filled with Maple Mousse. Emily has shared a beautiful photograph of her cinnabons – and I am looking forward to her blog. Add to Taste has baked an orange yoghurt cake with a twist. Durbaness made chocolate chip cookies for the first time. Lara baked an apple crumble – this is her second attempt ever at baking! The next entry I received was from Colleen and she made my favourite  crème brûlée for the first time. NaNuZa has submitted her entry of coffee cake.  The last entry came from PinkPolkaDot and she has baked a green fig and cheddar cheese roll!

I wrote down a list of the dishes prepared and gave them to Dave to choose a winner – I did not want to be left with this hard decision as each and every recipe is fantastic in my opinion. Dave did not know who submitted which recipe, and so his choice was not based on the blogger, but on the dish itself. He also has not seen the blog posts. Dave ended up with 3 on his short list – and he has placed them. Sadly, only the winner gets the prize but I thought I would share with you his choices. His third place choice which he said was very interesting was Cindy with her mini fig tarts. In second place was the black forest cake and the winner *drum roll* is Candice with her profiteroles filled with maple mouse – well done!


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19 thoughts on “Something Savoury Challenge: Cabbage

  1. I’m still on a high from the previous challenge! Definitely going to enter this one too – it’s great being challenged to venture out of your comfort zone (cabbage is something I never normally cook!)

  2. WOW! You go some lovely entries in. Congrats to Candice. Lovely prize, it shall remain on my bucket list along with the mini cocottes hehe. Well done to everyone. I must say it is rather fun to push the boundaries a bit….*walks off wondering about cabbage* It is one of my most fave veggies, when prepared correctly 😉 Have a grand weekend xx

    1. the entries were awesome and I am hoping to have another give away for next week’s challenge 🙂 My bucket list of dishes is growing! Looking forward to what you come up with – and may your weekend be amazing as well xxx

  3. Sigh. I have tried to cabbage dishes this week and have not been happy enough with either of them to post them on the blog! The first was my attempt at cabbage rolls stuffed with brown rice, mushrooms, spring onion and peppadews, with a maple glaze. The second was a cabbage gratin, slow cooked with butter, stock, and dolloped with cream cheese at the end. Sigh. I think cabbage and I will just never be friends.

    1. It was good to try something new I hope! Wait for my recipe on Friday – it shows you cabbage can be enjoyed 🙂

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