Dried Fruit | Something Sweet Challenge

Dried Fruit For The Something Sweet Challenge

I switched my challenges around so that I could host Presto Pasta Nights and so this week, it is the turn for something sweet. I have been baking up a storm in my kitchen, first a batch of biscotti for Delheim which were taste tested by 9 people and all enjoyed them. I am going to make another batch with fructose to see how that turns out. But in the meantime, the challenge this week is to bake something using dried fruit. If you take part in the challenge, leave a comment here and link back to my blog.

Dried Fruit


Sue has come up with an innovative way to preserve her ClemenGolds! Cindy was a bit to late with her pasta dish for the PPN round up, her dish of baked pork sausages wrapped in bacon, with fusilli and tomato gravy sounds like a perfect winter warmer.

Dried Fruit

I am sure that we all have our favourites. Mine would be mango, but this is Dave’s worst. I think his is peaches but I find they smell like smelly feet! Second on my list is figs and I cannot get enough of them.
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16 thoughts on “Dried Fruit | Something Sweet Challenge

  1. T would love to have thebaked pork sausages wrapped in bacon…I unfortunately do not eat pork but am definitely willing to give her recipe a try! 🙂

    1. It’s hardly a recipe as such, Carlette. I simply wrapped the sausages in bacon and covered them in tomato gravy; which I always have in my freezer. It is a simple tomato, onion, herb and chilli sauce. I covered the dish and baked in the oven for about 40 minutes, I doubt that you could overcook it. Before serving over the fusilli, I thinly sliced the sausages.

  2. This is the challenge for me to accept it.I will make a sweet dish on this Sunday because my all family will be here.so all we enjoy.

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