Crayfish Balti

I took inspiration  for our Burns Night main course from my Curry recipe book. This crayfish balti is a British curry. The balti originates in Birmingham, the curry capital of Britain. The word in Punjabi means bucket but it is presumed that the word batti meaning food would have inspired the original recipe. Head straight on … Continue reading Crayfish Balti

Chicken And Shellfish Paella From Valencia

To make an authentic chicken and shellfish paella you need a paellera. This is the dish it is cooked and served in. Originating in Valencia, there are three basic ingredients. Rice, saffron and olive oil. Other essential ingredients include chorizo, mussels, chicken, langoustines and peas. Head straight on to the Recipe For Chicken And Shellfish … Continue reading Chicken And Shellfish Paella From Valencia