The Oysters Edge, Sedgefield South Africa

When we spent time in Sedgefield earlier this year, Dave and I went to have dinner at The Oysters Edge. Situated right next door to where we were staying, we chose it not only for their location, but for their ethos. They serve locally sourced and ethically farmed ingredients.

The Oysters Edge

The meal and our wine

We both started with the venison carpaccio (R80) which was served with a drizzle of olive oil and lemon juice, fresh greens, shaved parmesan and a quail egg. I was intrigued by what the egg would add to the dish as this is not something I have tried before. Sadly, the egg was hard boiled and really did nothing but detract from the really tender and tasty venison. For my main course I chose the grilled hake (R110) served with seasonal vegetables and baby potatoes. Dave went with the seafood potjie (R170) which was cooked in a creamy white wine sauce and served with saffron rice. We both enjoyed our main courses which we accompanied with a bottle of Villiera Merlot 2020. Having had a lot of food, there was no space for dessert. But, our meal ended with a complimentary glass of port which was much appreciated.

Our Meal at The Oysters Edge

Service and more

The service at The Oysters Edge was excellent and I can highly recommend a visit to them. The owner came to chat to us which is always a nice touch. They have art displayed on the walls which is for sale and I find this is such a lovely way to support local talent. During the day you would get a stunning view of the lagoon, and sunsets from there will be amazing. Bookings in my opinion are essential, so contact them on +27 44 343 2353.

Merlot at The Oysters Edge

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10 thoughts on “The Oysters Edge, Sedgefield South Africa

  1. Nice ! ‘Comfortable’ . . ., would not mind meeting up with you there . . . would love the venison carpaccio which we really cannot get here . . .methinks I would have gone with your husband for the main course kinda out of curiosity . . .as I would with the SA wine . . . thanks . . . .

  2. What an amazing meal at such an affordable price (at least for us). Your dishes would easily be three time your price here in Scandinavia. Take cake and have a great holiday season…

  3. Hi Tandy, I like the sound of your venue. The personal touch, and the art AND good food… What more could you ask for?! Here’s wishing you a very pleasant festive season. Muzel tov. x

  4. I was wondering about your venison. From what I can find, deer were imported from Europe to South Africa. Or do you mean the native springbok?

    best… mae at

    1. Sometimes the venison on the menu is Springbok, but not always. When I talk about Venison I am usually referring to Antelope, and not deer. We often get Kudu and Wildebeest (Gnu) as Venison. I do not think we would get deer here as Venison but I am not 100% sure.

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