The Palms Market, Woodstock

Dave and I were invited to The Palms Market a few months ago and I must start off by saying how impressed I am. There are a lot of plus factors about The Palms Market, which incorporates The Lock Stock Market, and showcases the Platteland. Firstly, there is ample under cover parking and we were not charged to park. Access to the market is easy and the market itself is light and spacious. At no stage did I feel like I was being rushed away from a stall. In fact, the stall holders are all eager to engage with you and discuss their products. Our first stop was at a stall selling natural pomegranate products and you could clearly taste the difference between the hand pressed juice and the machine pressed juice. Dave and I got a juice to take home, and I bought my dad some Turkish Delight. Most of the producers are from the Darling region, and we had a taste of some fantastic pâté and got some farm butter for the freezer. Half way down, we stopped for coffee and I walked around the coffee shop looking at the displays of the history of cacao. The coffee shop is also a chocolatier and the work they do is phenomenal. The shop is a permanent feature of The Palms Shopping centre, so you can pop in during the week in your own time if you cannot make it to the market.

The Palms Market
The Palms Market

We met lovely ladies from Bokaap selling spices and Malay food and I am waiting to hear from them to attend a cooking course in one of their homes. If we were going straight home I would have purchased mushrooms as they looked fantastic. Sadly, we were heading out for the day and mushrooms do not like to be left in a car in the heat. Darling Brew were there, with a new flavour of beer – something I shall be on the look out for in our local shops as I love their products. Dave was convinced to taste some Red Espresso, made from rooibos tea. He is not a fan of either tea or milk, so I was impressed by the lady’s perseverance to get him to take even one sip!  Dave and I love fresh produce and this market has a huge table selling some of the most fantastic locally farmed vegetables. We did not leave empty handed and if we lived closer to the market I would be there regularly to buy my vegetables. Another must have stop for us was Nuweland preserves – we came home with some quince jelly and I tasted some guava cream that I want to try and reproduce in my own kitchen. Denneboom olive oil is another producer I will support in future when (and if) my olive oil runs out. I seem to have been given so many bottles this year, that my top shelf is full of them. But I love their box olive oil as the packaging is so convenient for storing.

The Palms Market

We were given some vouchers and Dave indulged in a chocolate and strawberry pancake. He could have had one with caramel, or just plain cinnamon sugar – in fact, the choices seemed endless. We also enjoyed some bubbles and oysters as part of our vouchers. Dave also had a waffle – strawberries again from The Wicked Waffle. Upstairs one can walk around looking at hand crafted designer goods for sale at The Lock Stock Design Market. We found a gentleman selling pepper grinders and as we are looking for a specific style and colour, we will have to head up the West Coast to his home to see his whole range. You can sit outside to enjoy any of the prepared food you have purchased, and there is a very friendly flower seller so you can get a fresh bunch on your way out.

The Palms Market

Traders include: Heidi’s Feta * Toorkombuis * Nellie’s Kitchen * My Oester Tafel * Venorose Wines * Hidden Valley Wines * Lemberg * Creation * I Love Company * Sweet and Spicey * Udderley Delicious * Nomsa’s Kitchen * Jolly Jaffels * Bon Fromage * Carmien Tea * Steph’s Fine Foods * Nutty Lady * Sugarman * Ahmed’s Smoothies * Tulip Culinary * Once Upon a Bread * Arnelia Protea’s * Darling Gourmet Mushrooms * Darling Brew * Darling Deli * Mowbray Fresh Fruit and Vegs * Portuguese Delicacies * Garden’s Bistro * Rustic Living * Droog * Rococoa * Marbrin Olives.

Find them at 145 Sir Lowry Road Woodstock Cape Town every Saturday from 9am until 2pm.

What I blogged:

Disclosure: Dave and I were invited to the Market, and received vouchers for certain stands. I have not been paid to write this review, nor was a positive blog post requested of me. This post is in line with my blogging policy.

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24 thoughts on “The Palms Market, Woodstock

  1. What a stunning market…they really are creative in SA..Here in France the once a week market is full of fresh produce but they look the same as 10/20 years ago…no one gets creative!!

  2. I have been meaning to go to this market ever since I heard about it. What puts me off about some markets are the huge crowds. Happy to know that this is a spacious market. You give such a nice detailed description from your point of view. Love this post Tandy. Thanks.
    ps. I would really recommend the Cape Malay culinary courses, I went and it was a blast. 🙂

  3. Looks amazing. I went to the Old Biscuit Mill for the first time last week and was impressed although I think the Stellenbosch market is my favourite because there is a lady there who sells the most fantastic German cakes! It’s such a shame the markets here in Jo’burg aren’t of the same standard although I have noticed a big improvement in the last year or so.

    1. Have you been to the Market at the Market Theatre Complex in JNB? I have been told it is good. I find the Biscuit Mill and Stellenbosch very crowded, but that is because they are so popular 🙂

      1. No I must admit I haven’t been to Market on Main but hear good things about it. The Biscuit Mill people have set up a market in JHB which sells good produce but the location (in a car park) isn’t the best. I do like to go to Bryanston Organic Market from time to time as the meat is amazing and to the Pretoria Boeremark just because it is so cheap.

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