The Shaz Quiz

My answers to The Shaz Quiz:

1. Name 3 vegetables you really really dislike (hate is such a strong word):

I will eat any vegetable but I cannot stand dry rice, soft beans and mushy anything!

2. The kitchen appliances/gadgets you wanted the most, and hardly use now you’ve got it:

I use all my kitchen gadgets as often as possible but my Parmesan grater is still in the box after 1 year as I have been too lazy to get it down (sorry SIS) and, I have a Jamie Oliver shakey thing that I do not use often – but this was a gift not a HAD TO HAVE item.

3. Favorite Wine (cellar/ type/ color will do)

Merlot of course! But, my favourite cellar is Meerlust and from them the Rubicon is my all time top wine. Basically, if it is red I will drink it – but it must be dry.

4. What is one of your worst childhood food memories?

raw chicken being served to us at a youth camp – even then, I knew it was not safe to eat

5. If a craving/muchies strike, what would it most likely be for and what would you do to get it:

I only ever crave chocolate, and I would probably do anything to get some!

6. Strangest thing you’ve ever eaten (foreign and/or frightful):

I have eaten a lot of strange things, bigournout (sea snails) being one of them, and ray knobs being another.

7. Do you ever buy ingredients, having absolutely not clue what to do with it?

no, I only buy something when I know how I am going to use it – otherwise it might end up being trashed, and I hate waste

8. Do you have any Obsessive and/or Compulsive behaviours in the Kitchen, name a few!!

I count how many times I twist the grinder of the salt and pepper. I smell milk before pouring it. Sometimes I count the number of slices as I cut something.

9. Name one thing you would like to have in the kitchen

A proper mixer – I am holding out for the Kenwood Chef that has a built in scale. I also want a disposal unit in my sink.

10. If life was like box of chocolates, which chocolate would you choose?

the whole box! Turkish Delight would be my top choice


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    1. ray knobs are the part of the flesh from behind the ray / skate wings. These are normally discarded but the fishmonger in Dartmouth discovered they could be sold! Prepared the same way as scallops, cheaper of course, and nearly as divine!

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