April 2024 Showcasing In My Kitchen

April 2024 felt like a mad rush right from the beginning of the month. I had 12 working days which were crammed full of things I usually spread over a month. Every time I thought the shopping list was done and dusted, another thing needed to be bought. The weather could not make up her mind, and I was wearing clothes that needed to be in a suitcase. But eventually it came time to fly, and we were off to Italy.

My recipes from April 2024

Four months in, and I am still sharing recipes that I made in December. It is amazing how productive I was while we were on leave. On the sweet side there were cinnamon scrolls which are a definite must bake recipe! I played around with oil tempered chocolate and tempering ruby chocolate. Raspberry jam was made and finished quite quickly as it was used for other baking projects. Recreating recipes from other blogs featured for my savoury dishes. I made Mimi’s zhug and niter kibbeh, and Lorraine’s hoisin lamb ribs. Basil pistou was an addition to our Christmas table.

Sorting out the dishwasher

Getting the dishwasher unit sorted out did not take as long as it has taken me to share it here. The new side piece of cabinetry was collected and installed by the third week of January. At the same time I asked Dave to have a shelf made for my least used appliances. Dave did the plumbing, installed the vacuum break, and put it all together. Only to discover that the leak was coming from the water connection itself. So, that was replaced, a cycle run to make sure all was in order. And with Mark’s help, the dishwasher was put back in place. My back is thankful!

Getting The Dishwasher Put Back

My new shelf

The bread maker and juicer are my least used kitchen appliances. Dave wants to have them tucked away in the pantry. But, I have no idea when that will be completed. I convinced him to put a shelf above the corner unit, freeing it up for my food photography. This area is so much neater now, and the shelf is perfect.

New Shelf April 2024

This is my May submission to the #IMK series hosted by Sherry. Each month bloggers around the world gather to share what is new in their kitchens. Dave and I got back from overseas yesterday, and today is a public holiday. I will start replying to comments tomorrow when I get back to the office.

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11 thoughts on “April 2024 Showcasing In My Kitchen

  1. Your kitchen renovations look nice and I’m sure you are very happy with the area that has been freed up.

  2. Always good to have an extra shelf! I feel like this year is running away from me. Can’t believe it is May already. I have recipes to blog that I cooked months ago :=) Have a great month and thanks for joining in.

  3. That’s a cool photography set up you have there… I really need to sort mine out some day. Ahhh some day….

  4. Too bad your plans for a pantry are going so slowly, but good that you have worked out the dishwasher issues. Have a good month in May.
    best, mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  5. That extra shelf is so handy and I love your photography corner! Hope you are having an amazing time in Italy!

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