Olive Oil Tasting

One activity I love doing with guests when they visit is to take them for an olive oil tasting at Morgenster Wine Estate. Whereas wine tasting is a dime a dozen here, this is a unique experience. It changes our mindset about how we think of olive oil. Not just something to use for a vinaigrette, or to finish off a risotto. But making the best use of each unique flavour, like I did when I made my olive oil ice cream.

Olive Oil Tasting

Olive Oil Tasting at Morgenster

Nothing reminds me more of Italy than an estate with both grape vines and olive trees. And this is exactly what Giulio Bertrand created at Morgenster. His vision, carried on by his daughter Federica and her daughter Vittoria, has seen the production of the highest quality extra virgin olive oils that this country produces. Seventeen specially selected olive varieties from Italy were planted on the estate and have flourished due to Morgenster’s proximity to the sea, and its rich soil.

Ice Cream With Olive Oil

What to expect

You will be presented with the olive oils in small glasses. One is a blend, the second is pure don carlo varietal and the third is their lemon enhanced olive oil. There is also a glass of the best balsamic vinegar one can buy. The process is similar to whisky tasting. You will warm the olive oil by holding the glass. And when warm you can smell the richness the olives bring to the oil. Then a small sip, to swirl in your mouth, before swallowing. Here, the distinct notes are shown, with the level of pepper felt in the back of the throat. Then the fun begins. You can dip bread into the oil and vinegar at your will. Snack on the olives grown on the estate. And slather tapenade on crackers. And to end, a small scoop of vanilla ice cream with lemon enhanced olive oil.

Bookings are essential

No matter what the plans are for the rest of the day, I suggest you do an olive oil tasting in the morning. Bookings in high season are essential and they can be contacted on +27 21 852 1738.

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  1. I love oil oil and use it for everything even shallow frying. and in cakes! A good agrumato is a wonderful thing – i esp. like blood orange or lime. So delicious.

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