Sauerkraut is fermented cabbage with a unique sour flavour. This recipe for The Food In Jars Mastery Challenge has been given to me by my friend Sandy. Head straight on to the Recipe For Sauerkraut ♥ Sometimes I will get a bee in my bonnet and cannot let go of the idea. I decided after our … Continue reading Sauerkraut

Roast Potato Wedges | Perfect Partners Campaign

Roast potato wedges are the perfect accomplishment to any meal. Here I cook them 3 times to have a crispy exterior with a soft interior. I am partnering with Avalanche Potatoes in their “Perfect Partners” Campaign to tell you more about why these potatoes are perfect for all types of cooking, especially roasting. TuberTek, the true potato company, is … Continue reading Roast Potato Wedges | Perfect Partners Campaign