Preserve For The Regional Seasonal Challenge

It is so easy to preserve foods that are in season. All it takes is your imagination, or a few simple steps.

Challenge To Make A Preserve

This week’s challenge is to use a seasonal ingredient to make a preserve. I did not set one challenge for the month of August! The month started with me spending 8 days in JNB where I did not do much cooking, and it ended with a busy weekend last weekend when Cindy was here for a visit. But, spring has sprung somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere or so I am told. Winter however has set herself to not going anywhere in the Western Cape. It is raining, it is cold, and the last thing on my mind are skirts, sun and the beach.

Challenge To Make A Preserve
Preserved Avocados

something to keep for a rainy day!

Please remember to link back to my blog if you are going to participate in this challenge and to leave me a comment here to tell me you have done so.

There is no specific ingredient in order for people all around the world to take part. This challenge will last for the month, and everyone who participates stands in line in winning a copy of LOVE AND FOOD, the market cookbook.

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26 thoughts on “Preserve For The Regional Seasonal Challenge

  1. It’s hard to think you are still in the cold and we are in pretty much never ending sun here in Southern California.
    I remember when we were in SA last year. We had geared up for mild fall and found it soooo cold. Are you one of those people that doesn’t have heat? We couldn’t wrap our heads around no heat? We even have central heat in Sunny Southern California!

    1. Central heating is not at all common here. We will put underfloor heating in the lounge of the house we are building. But, where we live the coldest it gets is about 9deg C so not too bad 🙂

  2. Definitely going to enter this one!!!! Making preserves / jams / marmalade and such is my new adventure in the kitchen!!

  3. I’ve never made a preserve of any sort…where would I begin! hhmmm *thinks*

    Great challenge, Tandy!

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