The Compleat Solution: Salad In A Jar

The Compleat Solution

I love the idea of getting someone to deliver lunch to me. And if that lunch can be wholesome and nutritious at the same time, even better! Step in The Compleat Solution, a service run by Zest4life Health and Wellness Coach, Anneli Peters. At present she only delivers in Somerset West and the salad in a jar lunch is a four-day a week deal. Anneli sent me the salads from week two to enjoy and I have broken them down into what I was sent. I had told Anneli to prepare the salads for me as her clients would get them and I did not know what I was getting each day. To that end, I wrote the ingredients I could find in the salads as I enjoyed them.

Day 1: Moroccan salad

A cous cous base topped with very tasty beef strips, feta, pomegranate arils, carrot, cucumber, dates, coriander and lettuce. One of the ingredients listed is mint, which I could not taste. The lemon-cumin dressing was slightly oily, but despite this, and it needing salt, the salad was very nice.

Morrocan Salad
Moroccan Salad
Day 2: Mexican salad

A mixture of black beans and red kidney beans was topped with shredded chicken, corn, white cheese, red pepper and spinach. I did not taste the coriander which is meant to be in the salad. The crushed nachos were in a small bag and I loved the idea of adding them when I wanted to eat. I thought this salad was delicious but once again, a touch salt would not go remiss.

The Compleat Solution Mexican Salad Mexican Salad
Day 3: Greek salad

The base for the Greek salad was roasted chickpeas which I found to be a tad hard. The toppings for the salad included tuna, feta, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, olives and butter lettuce. The salad included basil which I did not taste, making me wonder how good my taste buds are. The balsamic olive oil dressing had a nice acidity level and once again I added salt. I mentioned to Anneli that I did not eat red onions so she left them off the salad for me.

The Compleat Solution Greek Salad Greek Salad
Day 4: African salad

This salad had a base of roasted butternut topped with the African ingredient, biltong. Most of the slices were lovely and moist. I am not a huge fan of lentils in any form and I might not have ordered this salad as one of the ingredients was brown lentils. However, the salad was really tasty and included rocket, feta, cherry tomatoes, toasted pumpkin seeds, and spinach. There was a lovely thick balsamic whole grain mustard dressing and this salad had no need for salt.

The Compleat Solution African Salad African Salad
How to order

Contact Anneli on +27 83 782 7006 – orders must be placed before 5pm on the Saturday prior to the week you would like the salads delivered. Cost is R220 per week, or R415 for 2 weeks.

My verdict

If I could get a lunch time meal delivered to me on a Monday, then The Compleat Solution would be ideal. This is the single day of the week I am office bound. The salads are tasty and nutritious and the portions are perfect.

Disclosure: Anneli sent me the salads to try in exchange for a blog post. This post is in line with my blogging policy.

Dave and I have started our December holidays. I will pop into my blog every now and then to read and reply to comments. 

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11 thoughts on “The Compleat Solution: Salad In A Jar

  1. Tandy, healthy lunch delivery sounds like a brilliant idea. One I’d subscribe to if available up here as lunch is the meal I’m most likely to consume a calorie bomb. You guys enjoy your holidays.

  2. Healthy and fresh…I agree Tandy, “what’s not to like’? Salad in a Jar are very popular in Australia – well at least where I live in Sydney. We have a fabulous Green Grocer who makes these fresh every day as well as Soup in a Jar. What a great idea to offer delivery to the office!

      1. I live in St Ives, on the North Shore of Sydney. We are about 18k from the heart of the city and about the same to the nearest beach. Have you travelled here? I haven’t been to South Africa as yet – it’s on my bucket list!

        1. My entire Sydney family life in St Ives or close to it. I have been to Sydney, Cairns, Perth and Denmark. Next visit will include Canberra as my sister is moving there next month. She had been living in Belrose for the past 7 years.

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