Countdown, James Patterson

Countdown opening line: I check my watch and if all goes well, the killing will begin in less than two minutes.


My blurb:

Jeremy Windsor needs to play Amy to the best of his ability. The ex-Army Ranger turned CIA agent could be the perfect foil for the plan his Government need to make work. But Amy Cornwall will live or die by the mantra leave no man behind. However, what starts off as a rescue mission ends up with her being burnt by the very people she works for and trusted. Now all her trust has to be in Jeremy, the very person who set out to deceive her from the beginning.

Intelligence officer Amy Cornwall must prove she exists before time runs out in this new heartstopper thriller – perfect for fans of Ian Rankin and Patricia Cornwell.
An undercover CIA officer has seven days to save her country from the world’s most dangerous double-agent.
The CIA’s highly classified Special Activities Division is in the business of tracking people down and keeping secrets hidden. Then a botched field operation reveals some dark dealings between an officer’s superiors and an informant, including a plot that could kill thousands of Americans.
Knowing that her leadership is corrupt to the core, she is forced to give up her identity and work from the shadows. But it’s not easy staying hidden when your enemies are elite intelligence operatives.
Will she get the truth out into the light before losing her identity, her history, her family?
The countdown has already begun.
My verdict:

I did not find the publisher’s’ blurb to be an accurate representation of this book. And I hope mine proves to be better. Despite this, I did not want to put the novel down. Excellently written with enough drama to keep you engaged, this is a must read book for fans of anything military, or spy fiction.

Publishing information:
ISBN 9781529125245
Format Trade Paperback
Published April 2023

Penguin Random House South Africa sent me this novel to review.

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