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I was asked by Martin Lompa of Diletto to have a complete experience of using their online deli. I headed over the their website: where I selected the product I was most interested in trying out. I have been most impressed by Oded’s products and so chose Charaime for two reasons. The first being I have never used it in my kitchen before and secondly it is a North African sauce ideal for fish. I could already imagine the lovely dish I could prepare in my tagine. After clicking on the item, I was taken to a page listing the price, and the option to add the item to my cart. After clicking the add to cart option I was taken to a page which allowed me to update my cart, shop more or check out. As I was only taking the one item I proceeded to the check out. As this was to be used as a test I checked the box requesting that my delivery address and invoice address be different. I selected the option to be remembered as there is a possibility I would use the online deli in future. There are various delivery options – delivery to your door costs R100 but post office delivery and Cape Town City Bowl delivery is free. One can also collect the shopping from the warehouse, but that defeats the object of online shopping in my opinion. There is an option of an address book which is great if you are going to use the service for gifts. The site is easy to navigate. Payment options include cell pay point, credit card or electronic funds transfer.

I received an email with order confirmation almost straight away. The following day I received notification from Time Freight with a waybill number. The only thing that concerned me is that I was listed as the person responsible for payment for the courier, which is already included in the amount I would have paid to Diletto if I had been paying for the item I ordered. However, the goods were delivered and no payment to the courier company was asked for. The courier company charges Diletto directly. The box arrived two days after I placed my order, and all that I then had to do was open it and make use of my product. I will be posting the recipe soon to let you all know what I made with Oded’s wonderful product.


Please note, the product I received cost me nothing. I was however not paid to write this post.

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  1. Thanks for this, Tandy, I have some money sitting in my PayPal account and was wondering what to do with it, because the charges to withdraw the cash are too much.

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