Every. Night. Of. The. Week. Lucy Tweed

Lucy Tweed took her instagram account into this recipe book, Every. Night. Of. The. Week. to show us that great meals can be cooked all the time.

Every Night of the Week

A wildly entertaining and practical cookbook filled with shortcuts and permission to do it your own way, by Donna Hay’s right-hand woman.
As Donna herself says: ‘Lucy has a special gift. Everything she touches turns to magical, sparkling loveliness.’
Some days you want to cook; other days the goal is simply ‘food in mouths’. Welcome to Every Night of the Week,  a cookbook for people who don’t like hard-and-fast recipes, by food and recipe writer, stylist and Instagram genie Lucy Tweed.
Chapters are divided into:
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thurs
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • That extra day you wished for
Salt And Pepper Hake
Salt And Pepper Hake
Recipes that caught my eye and Dave’s eye:
  • Chicken Club Salad (p37)
  • Fish Curry (p44)
  • Lamb Rack with Harissa (p50)
  • Shandong Chicken (p58)
  • Silky Soup (p63)
  • Stuffed Shells (p70)
  • G-rated Red Chicken Curry (p74)
  • Midweek Rump (p81)
  • Prawn Linguine (p86)
  • One-pan Steak, Broccoli & Shrooms (p104)
  • Tartare Fish Pie (p112)
  • Ham, Cheese & Tomato Tart (p114)
  • Salt ‘n’ Pepper Hake (p140)
  • Big Meatballs (p146)
  • Soupy Greek Lamb Shoulder (p152)
  • Cauliflower Gnocchi (p155)
  • Sticky Ribs & Foil Spuds (p158)
  • Peaches & Cream (p162)
  • A Chocolate Thing (p165)
  • Vinai-no-regrette (p194)
  • Veg Slap (p211)
  • Sprinkles x 3 (p215)
What I made:

I have taken to getting Dave to choose what I make from recipe books, and his choice was the salt and pepper hake. The recipe caught my eye because Lucy started off by saying “my aversion to deepish-frying is obvious”. I did not read further than that, but saw the first part of the method was preheating the oven. So, imagine my surprise when I had to deep fry the fish! But, it was an amazing meal. So good in fact that I have made the pak choi that went with it again.

Salt And Pepper Hake

My impressions:

I love the photographs in Every. Night. Of. The. Week. but loathe the layout. I found the messiness very distracting when choosing recipes. But that aside, Dave and I both agreed there were many that looked amazing. Australians have a habit of shortening words, so I expected barby to be used for BBQ and not braai. The little South African touch had me re-reading the one-sided icebreaker a second time.

Publishing information:
ISBN 9781485901280
Format Trade Paperback
Published January 2022

Penguin Random House South Africa sent me this recipe book to review.

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6 thoughts on “Every. Night. Of. The. Week. Lucy Tweed

  1. this book sounds interesting tandy. i am not really a fan of donna hay – don’t know why; she and i just never gelled (tee hee). I think recipes are very personal in that we all like certain things and are attracted to certain techniques… (Yep i know this isn’t donna hay.)

    1. Have you heard of Lucy Tweed? This is the first Australian cookbook I have reviewed – I own two others which I got as gifts from family members 🙂

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