November 2022 Showcasing In My Kitchen

My decision to reduce my blogging schedule in November 2022 really helped a lot! I am feeling less stressed to get recipes tested and perfected. And I know that going into my December holiday I don’t need to make three or four things a day. Work wise, this month could either be very busy, or extremely quiet. I am of course hoping for the former. Our industry shuts down for four weeks over the Christmas period which basically means I will earn one months’ income for an 8 week period if we are quiet.

Recipes for November 2022

I created only one recipe of my own, being apple tahini blondies. It is traditional at the Jewish New Year to have apples dipped in honey. But I wanted something different so made these for dessert with a honey cream. The rest of my recipe sharing was in order for me to review cookbooks. I made a poppy seed cake with white chocolate icing. I am not a huge fan of poppy seeds, having been ‘traumatised’ in my youth by hamentashen. But this cake was divine, and the icing even better. I cooked pork neck melanzane and it was so good that I have bought more pork neck which I am going to cook down and use as a pasta filling.

In My Kitchen

In March we went away and I bought a new bowl to use for photographs. This is really unusual for me, but I love using smaller bowls to show what I have made. I also ordered some miso and kombu from one of my suppliers. These are both for a recipe which I still have not made! I have however used the miso and it is such a great ingredient.

November 2022

This is my December submission to the #IMK series hosted by Sherry. Each month bloggers around the world gather to share what is new in their kitchens.

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For those of you who only pop in once a month to my blog, I wish you well over the December holidays! 

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16 thoughts on “November 2022 Showcasing In My Kitchen

  1. Use miso all the time and kombu sometimes . . . loved your pork neck recipe . . . And having just come from Sherry’s – very, very definitely buy the absolutely beautiful Nagi and Dozer Maehashi book ! I have over 800 cookery ones and darling Nagi’s has settled very nicely (and economically) into the first half-dozen within the six weeks or whatever it has been published. With what Nagi is and does – historical !!!!!

  2. It sounds like a good decision to have slowed down with the blogging. I’ll probably be doing that in December as we will be traveling and then busy with holiday cheer! As I told you on a previous comment, the poppy seed cake with the icing looks really good. I have used miso many times but never kombu. Enjoy the week

      1. We are taking a Caribbean cruise, but of course we live in Miami on the beach so it’s not much different. The cruise ship is 45 minutes from where we live and we are going with 2 other retired couples just to have a week together in leisure.

  3. thanks for joining in this month tandy. I appreciate your support. Yes a great idea to reduce your posts; definitely not worth the stress! Have a fab festive season. Cheers Sherry

  4. I love the clarity of that bowl, it’s so eloquent and elegant! I am obsessed with bowls but somehow I find myself in Paris with 7 identical white plates, such is the life of my partner who was a very solid lifelong bachelor before I came along. I guess the number is 7 because he does the dishes once a week! Thanks for a great year of IMK and have an amazing holiday season 🙂

  5. Here’s hoping you have a peaceful December! I can remember how stressful year end could be and how challenging it was to push out blog posts when work was also pressing, especially during the holiday season when many readers expect new content. Thankfully that’s all behind me now that I’m retired!

  6. Always lovely to see what you’ve been doing in your kitchen Tandy, and those Apple Tahini Blondies look delicious. I don’t really have a blogging schedule, I just cook and publish as the mood takes me, the joys of living in the slow lane. Have a peaceful Christmas.

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