Food Quiz Number 21 For A Friday

These are my answers to Friday’s Food Quiz number 21. The questions are set my my friend Zirkie. The Food Quiz Number 21 was set in January 2012.

1. What is a liqueur?

an alcoholic syrup distilled from wine or brandy and flavoured with fruit, herbs or spices. (my favourite at the moment is Angels Share) 

2. What is the difference between bacon, pancetta and prosciutto?

bacon is the fat and lean meat from the side and back of the pig which has been preserved by dry salting and is usually smoked as well. It is sold in thick or thin slices. pancetta is unsmoked bacon from the belly of a pig, cured with spices, salt and pepper. it is sold rolled into a sausage shape and is served thinly sliced. prosciutto is an Italian ham from the hind leg of the pig, usually rubbed with salt and other dry seasonings and matured for 8 to 10 months. it is usually served wafer thin. the best known is Parma ham.

3. What is dragon fruit?

a cactus fruit

4. What is Devonshire cream?

clotted cream which is served with scones and jam – a specialty in Devon and Cornwall. Enjoyed by Dave and I in Widecombe in the Moor.

Food Quiz Number 21
Clotted Cream

5. What do you call béchamel sauce to which eggs and Gruyère have been added?

I know that a mornay sauce is with cheese, and a croque madame is a croque monsieur with egg, but not sure what only has eggs and cheese.

6. Are peanuts, nuts?

peanuts are ground nuts and are the edible seed of a legume. they are not nuts

7. From which country does pasta originate?

egg pasta is associated with Northern Italy, pasta with durum wheat flour is from the south of Italy. however, lurking at the back of my head is a fact that China may be where pasta originated.

8. Cumin seeds are actually not really seeds. What are they?

it is the fruit of the plant

9. How should meat be sliced?

parallel to the bone, across the grain

10. What is lava bread?

I’ve been watching the Hairy Bikers – a Welsh bread made from seaweed!

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20 thoughts on “Food Quiz Number 21 For A Friday

  1. Ah, Devonshire cream. You bring to mind our eternal debate: what is the difference between a Cornish cream tea and a Devon cream tea? One is jam on before cream, the other is cream on the scone before jam….

  2. Mornay with eggs added just makes it more deliciously creamy,..
    What I call béchamel with eggs, Gruyère, and Parmesan, really depends on what other ingredients are added, such as Lobster Mornay. If only pasta is added, I call it…some Dang Good Mac and Cheese…
    Oh, you were looking for the Technical-French Cusine name I guess…lol Who Cares?
    Bless You

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