Friday’s Food Quiz Number 27

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1. What are the differences between Dill and Fennel?

dill is an aromatic herb similar in appearance and related to fennel. Both its feathery green leaves and small brown seeds are used in flavouring. Fennel is a tall, feathery, aromatic plant. The blue green leaves have a slightly bitter aniseed taste and are similar in appearance to dill. The small brown seeds are also used, as well as the bulbs of the plant.

2. Why is Jamie Oliver called:  “The Naked Chef”?

because he breaks down cooking into its most basic forms.

3. What is Celeriac?

it is a bulbous white fleshed root of a variety of celery.

4. What are the three main ingredients in chorizo?

garlic, chilli and meat

5. What are Eurekas, Lisbons and Vernas?

I am stumped! Boiled sweets is my guess?

6. Venison meat is often marinated in buttermilk. Why?

To tenderize it

7. What does Basquaise means in culinary terms?

Braaing – What Zabwan is hopefully doing tonight

8. What are biscotti traditionally served with?

coffee or dessert wine

9. How do you deglaze a dish?

add water, stock or wine to the cooking juices and cooked on sediments left in the pan. the mixture is heated stirred and reduced to make a gravy

10. What is Larousse Gastronomique?

an item on my wish list – a comprehensive encyclopedia on cooking and culinary terms

If you want to try, please click on the link to PPD’s blog and let her know.


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