Friday’s Food Quiz Number 45

PinkPolkaDot has posted a quiz, and here are my answers:

1. What are the main ingredients of ”char siu” sauce?

pork, honey, soy sauce, hoisin sauce, rice wine and Chinese 5 spice powder

2. What is the difference between Salmon and Trout?

Salmon migrate upstream to lay eggs, whereas trout stay in the same place for breeding

3. What is Brioche?

Brioche is a bread, common to France that is made with eggs. (I will be posting a recipe for this soon, so please check back to see it)

4. Where did Macadamia nuts originate from?

Australia (and, they are cheaper to buy here than there taking the exchange rate into consideration)

5. What is full-bodied wine?

where is Cathy when I  need her? I would guess a heavy, dry red wine would fall into the category, such as Merlot

6. Why do you have to add salt to sweet dishes, such as desserts, biscuits and cakes?

For leavening, especially when you use yeast, as yeast needs both salt and sugar to activate. And as a stabilizer.

7. What is a Fruit cobbler?

A dessert made of a fruit filling and a pastry topping, which is baked in the oven

8. Ripened cheese is classified according to texture. What are the three main classifications?

Soft, hard, and semi-soft or semi-hard

9. What is “Pollo alla cacciatore” more commonly known as?

Hunters Chicken

"Chicken And Corn Hunter Style"
Chicken And Corn Hunter Style

10. Give the name of the bread roll, also called a Vienna roll or hard roll, that was invented in Vienna and have been made to honor Emperor Franz Joseph.

Kaiser Roll


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  1. My late Dad’s one sister owned a fishing fleet and factory in Denmark, and would courier parcels of Norwegian Smoked Salmon and roll mops to us here. My brother, who was already living and working in Pretoria, used to have a little hissy fit when he heard how my cat and I were enjoying the smoked salmon!

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