Friday’s Food Quiz Number 62

My friend Pink has been busy and this is the first quiz she has posted in a while. I am relieved as I have been very busy as well, but I am going to answer this now while I sit getting a massage from the clever cushion 🙂

1. What is a Mille Feuille?

The literal translation is a thousand leaves and refers to a puff pastry dessert that has crème patisserie between the layers of puff pastry and often a berry fruit is included

2. What is the national dish of Indonesia?

This one is hard to guess as the country is made up of various regions including Bali where I have been to. The population is mostly Muslim but Bali has a higher Hindu population. The one thing I saw a lot of was rice paddies and so a rice dish would be my guess. Nasi Goreng?

3. Percentage wise, how much water does a mushroom contain?

I gave away my mushroom notes before reading them – too much to do, too little time – to a friend who I know will read them and so I would have to guess here: 20%

4. What is Ponzu?

A condiment in my fridge! A citrus based sauced used in Japanese cooking – the base is mirin, rice vinegar, dried tuna flakes and seaweed. 

5. What is the national fruit of India?

I have never seen fruit served in an Indian restaurant but given than mango features prominently in the condiments I would have to guess mango?

6. What is the difference between a pawpaw and a papaya?

They are the same tropical fruit

7. What is “Caldo verde” and what is the main ingredient?

green soup and the main ingredient is kale

8. What enzyme does pineapples contain that tenderizes proteins?

bromelain – this same enzyme works as an anti inflammatory

9. What is Amchoor more commonly known as?

I do not know this!

10. What is a Machiato?

Macchiato is what I order and most often have to teach the person how to make. It is an espresso with a dollop of milk


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  1. Tandy, I was thinking hard for some of these answers also! Unless I’m surrounded by cobbled alleyways of home, I too find it a hard to find a good ‘macchiato’.

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