Food Quiz Number 7 For A Friday

I am in the process of moving my posts from my old blog to this one. This Friday’s Food Quiz Number 7 is one of them. The questions were set by PinkPolkaDot. Here are my answers to Food Quiz Number 7.

1. What is a Rémoulade?

similar to a tartar sauce

2. What is Daikon?

Japanese Radish

3. What is a Mangosteen?

Fruit – only ever seen it in Bali

4. Is rhubarb a fruit or a vegetable?


5. What is cilantro commonly known as?


Food Quiz Number 7
Cous Cous Salad With A Lime And Coriander Dressing

6. What is Nori and what is it used for?

seaweed sheets used for making Sushi 

7. What is the hottest part of a chilli pepper?

differing opinions on this – the pith is actually the hottest, but some people believe it is the seeds. to make sure, remove both (I often cook with the chilli left whole and remove it before serving)

8. In which country are sculptures carved from radishes as part of the Christmas celebrations?


9. What does Tiramisu mean?

lift me up

10. What traditional English dish consists of sausages in batter?

toad in the hole

11. What are cêpes or cep also known as?


12. What is the main ingredient of taramasalata?


13. “Champignon” is the French word for which food?


14. What is the traditional flavour of a parkin cake?

ginger (thanks James Martin’s recipe book which I have read cover to cover)

15. How much does 200g uncooked rice weigh when it is cooked?

ha ha, I have never weighed my rice but if the Tastic advert is correct then 400g
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16 thoughts on “Food Quiz Number 7 For A Friday

  1. I never knew you had another blog.. I can’t wait to see some of your other amazing post when you transfer them :). And this quiz is too cool. For me, if the quiz was all about chicken… I would certainly know everything LOL

    1. thanks Kay. I started blogging on another platform originally but much prefer WordPress – I have ‘met’ such amazing people here 🙂

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