Food Quiz Number 70 For A Friday

I have been posting old food quizzes here from my other blog, which I am going to close down eventually as it takes a lot of time maintaining two blogs. This Food Quiz Number 70 is the most recent one, set by my friend Pink. If you would like to give it a try, click here for the questions, and do the answers on your own blog, and let Pink know. If you are just interested in learning something, then carry on reading! These are my answers, and all of them are done without referring to external sources, including google. I will edit the post when Pink posts the answers so that you can go and see what they are.

1. Where is the dish Vindaye a traditional dish?


2. What are the main ingredients of a classic French Sabayon?

This is based on the Italian dessert Zabaione and that is made with egg yolks, sugar and a sweet wine

Food Quiz Number 70
Honey Liqueur Sabayon

3. What is Ochazuke and from which country?

A Japanese savoury rice dish, where green tea is poured over the rice

4. What type of dish is Pasha and when is it normally eaten?

A Russian feast dish, eaten on Easter Sunday (Orthodox Christianity), made with lamb (Paschal lamb)

5. What is a “silk squash” better known as?


6. What is Crostatas?

An Italian dessert of pastry, pastry cream and fruit

7. What is Sunflower greens?

sprouted sunflower seeds

8. What differentiates a “Pot pie” from another pie?

A pot pies pastry completely surrounds the filling, acting like a pot, whereas most pies only have a pie crust topping

9. What are the main ingredients of the spice “bzar” (or bezar)?

Cumin, fennel seeds, cinnamon and coriander seeds

10. What plant does tapioca come from?


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  1. Now I’ve seen your excellent answers, Tandy, I’m precluded for doing the quiz. It’s just as well, because i only knew a very few of the correct answers. 😉

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