May 2012 Showcasing In My Kitchen

I am in Scotland and will return to South Africa on the 8th of May 2012. I will reply to blog comments then. This post has been scheduled in advance.

Please join Celia, who blogs over at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial, by sharing with us what is in your kitchen!

In my fridge on the 1st of April was ….

Sue was worried there was no wine in my fridge May 2012
Sue was worried there was no wine in my fridge

In My Kitchen May 2012

are two new egg holders – I looked long and hard, high and low, for something suitable. These are great as they have their own salt shakers and I can indulge in breakfast in bed over the weekend.

egg holders May 2012
egg holders

In my kitchen …..

are two little poaching pods for when I don’t feel like soft boiled eggs. They work really well and I am glad to never again have to worry that my eggs are not super fresh.

poach pods May 2012
poach pods

In my kitchen …..

is a gift from the bloggers cook off hosted by Canderel at Jenny Morris Cooks Play Ground

Le Creuset is my favourite
Le Creuset is my favourite

In my kitchen …

Is this three in one funnel which should make my life so easy. I am going to start making jams etc. when we get back.

three in one funnel May 2012
three in one funnel

Wishing you all a Marvelous May.
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31 thoughts on “May 2012 Showcasing In My Kitchen

  1. That funnel looks cool. I have a funnel for putting preserves in jars and everytime I go to use it, it’s the wrong size. The 3 in one idea is much more sensible.

  2. I see the wine, too. It’s nice to come home to a chilled wine.
    I really like your egg holders- the fact that they come with a salt shaker is brilliant!

  3. Love those egg holders,my friend loves boiled eggs so much she will love those holders. It was nice being in your kitchen 🙂

  4. Tandy, I adore the little egg holders – I can see why you took a while to find them. Isn’t it lovely when you can find something that’s exactly what you want? You’re doing a better job than I am with the poaching pods – I can’t seem to get them to work, so they’ve gone into the toy box now for when small people come to visit. And your fridge is always so neat! 🙂 Thanks for playing, as always, it’s a joy to see what’s in your kitchen!

    1. I will do a post on using the poach pods – once I have settled back in to life! Thank you so much for the inspiration 🙂

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