Jan The Journal

Jan The Journal

I am lucky enough to be friends with Jan’s father-in-law and so borrowed his copy of Jan The Journal to page through. Given the price and how few recipes I would make from it, I am quite pleased about that. This is the début issue of Jan Hendrik’s lifestyle magazine. It is glossy enough to double up as a coffee-table book, and the photographs are amazing.

“I invite everyone to go on this journey with me, dining to honour the life of food, because everything should lead back to the table.”  Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen

Jan, The JournalRecipes from this includes a ten course meal. It is however more than just a recipe book. Jan, The Journal covers all sorts of hints for entertaining, including a soundtrack. In it you will find excellent information about certain ingredients and specific recipes, including one for lip balm. Jan highlights specific suppliers of ingredients including Buffalo Ridge farm. I’ve met Michelle and Wayne, the owners, and they are truly passionate about their ingredients.

Chapters are divided into:
  • The table
  • The land
  • The city
  • The coast
  • The outdoors
  • The village
Recipes that caught my eye:
  • Cape cider and ham hock terrine (p29)
  • Steamed marmalade pudding (p41)
  • Sweetie darling (p49)
  • Prawn cannelloni with naartjie beurre blanc (p184)
  • Limoncello (p230)
  • Rabbit stew with olives (p251)

Sweetie Pies

What I made:

I made an adaptation of the sweetie darling. I would have followed the recipe perfectly but for a few things. Firstly, I did not feel like making condensed milk for the caramel sauce. To get the same flavour profile I used caramel flavouring in the marshmallow. Following the recipe exactly did not result in a stiff enough marshmallow to pipe freehand. Thankfully I have a silicone mould that I could use to make my sweetie darlings. For the biscuit base there was no indication of how thick to make the biscuits, or at what temperature to bake them. I was quite surprised that this was missed in editing.

My verdict:

It’s important to keep in mind that this is a magazine. The presentation of everything in the journal is therefore styled in such a manner. It is certainly high end, but you do get a sense of advertising. which is done in quite a subtle manner. I was a little let down by the errors in the recipe I tried. Hopefully not too many found there way into the magazine.

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