Make A Tart Challenge For All Bloggers

Make A Tart Challenge

This week’s challenge is simple – make a tart. The only proviso is that it is something sweet.  Making sure we can all get our challenges in this one will end next week Sunday. Sweet tarts are something we should all be able to do. I have a few recipes I can use. My favourite go to recipe is a tart tatin. I make use of any fruit that is in season and love serving them at dinner parties. Making new tarts is the challenge for me. The other challenge is to not eat the entire tart all at once. I am really looking forward to the recipes for this make a tart challenge as I am sure to learn some new ones. And that will give me weeks of experimenting and playing around with tarts. As apples come from close to where we live they are always my first fruit when choosing what to use in desserts. They are so versatile and there are so many flavours you can add to them. I love adding star anise to my tart tatin.

Lemon And Vanilla Apple Tart for the Make A Tart Challenge
Lemon And Vanilla Apple Tart

Edit: Deadline extended to help people get their make a tart challenge completed.

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