March 2020 Showcasing In My Kitchen

March 2020 was meant to be a really busy month for us. We had social plans, 2 local and one away race meetings, and the normality of life to look forward to. First, our race in Port Elizabeth for the endurance series was cancelled. And then, we were put on a 21 day lock down. Today is day 6! This post was written a month ago as I am finally ahead of my writing so at least one thing has gone to plan this year.

Creations in my kitchen March 2020:
Fridge Magnets

Maya chose the most beautiful fridge magnets as thank you gifts. I confess to swapping mine with someone else’s at the table. But that was because I really wanted the elephant.

Fridge Magnets March 2020
Fridge Magnets
Gin And Sorbet Cocktail

It was a really hot summer and we drank a fair bit of gin and tonics sitting in the pool. The one day was unbearable and so I made a gin and sorbet cocktail using my blueberry and lemon gin. A double tot was poured over blueberry sorbet and topped with pink tonic water. It made a bit of froth as you can see but it was really refreshing.

Gin And Sorbet Cocktail March 2020
Gin And Sorbet Cocktail
Millennium Falcon

Le Creuset have a limited edition Star Wars collection. I really want the large cocotte and am working on Dave to get it for me. I bought Mark a trivet as it had to travel safely overseas. And for James and Carli, a small cocotte. I bought myself the Millennium Falcon trivet which is on our dining room table.

Millennium Falcon March 2020
Millennium Falcon
More Cold Tea Infusion

I am so enjoying these cold tea infusions. Each bag yields about 4 glasses of water and sometimes I amp up the flavour with ginger, limes or lemons. I have a few more flavour combinations in mind and a recipe concept or two. These will be added to my ‘take overseas list’ to make my water bottles more interesting.

More Cold Tea Infusion March 2020

This is my April 2020 submission to the #IMK series, hosted by Sherry. Each month bloggers around the world gather to share what is new in their kitchens. Pop on over to her blog to take a peek.

Inspiration published on Lavender and Lime April 1:

Stay safe, stay home, stay healthy #flattenthecurve

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25 thoughts on “March 2020 Showcasing In My Kitchen

  1. Cute trivet! I looked at photos of the collection online and it’s really amusing.

    I like Le Creuset cookware, but realized that the large dutch ovens are so heavy that I can hardly lift an empty one. If it was hot and full of stew I would be in big trouble!

    be well… mae at

    1. I am hoping so – we went to the shops yesterday and stocked up on fresh produce. It was the fastest and most expensive shopping I have ever done 🙂

  2. Tandy, I am dying you switch your magnet at the table to get the elephant one. You made my day, I’m laughing so hard! I want to say I would have done that too, but I bet I wouldn’t have…and then would have regretted it later. Stay safe! Weird times in which we live. Staying home! But had to get some groceries today. Unfortunately, NYS is the worst place in the US to live right now with Coronavirus. Bleh.

  3. hi tandy
    i love that trivet. i have a kitchen timer which is a BB8 character and makes delightful noises. thanks for joining in this month. looks like you have had a big month with cooking. many delightful dishes – and drinks. take care of yourselves

  4. Nice to catch up with you. I envy your 21-day lockdown, ours doesn’t come with a deadline and will not be going away anytime soon. It is good that we are keeping busy. And blogging. Stay well!

    1. I pray we go back to work after 21 days as both Dave and I are self-employed. It will be tough for us if we cannot go back.

  5. Hi Tandy, so many things are postponed right now. We should have been in New Zealand right now for a 3 week vacation. Sigh! Instead I am spending time writing at my kitchen counter, staying in touch with the world. You be safe.

    I love your Star Wars trivet. There is something very comforting about Star Wars. We have been watching all the new ‘take offs’ on TV in the evening. And rewatching some of the old movies. And I am rereading Harry Potter. I feel like such a light weight but it balances out all the news.

    1. Balance and enjoyment are good. And New Zealand will be there when this is done! Stay safe, and thanks for popping in 🙂

  6. Le Creuset is my favorite! I have a large red Dutch oven I bought in a beach/camping vacation and I use it quite a bit.
    Love your post. Stay healthy and safe, it’s good to see other posts across the world and see how everyone is doing.


  7. I hope your well. The magnets are gorgeous, i too would have swapped. I think you will like stuff in my house – i have a lot of elephants – my MIL keeps buying me stuff with elephants as she thinks i am into them because i had purchased one wooden hall hanging decades ago and now my house is full of elephant stuff all thanks to her. I should write a blog post on that 🙂 I like creuset and have quite a few of their stuff at homeinc. a Dutch oven = proper heavy!

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