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Rudi Blaauw is the Head Chef at The Marine (Hermanus) Origins Restaurant. This is a member of The Liz McGrath Collection and Small Luxury Hotels of the World. I love that he cooks with seasonal and regional ingredients.

The Marine Executive Chef Rudi Blaauw

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Who has been the most influential person in your life?

Virgil Kahn

What started you on the path of cooking?

My father, he was a chef before, I inherited his passion for cooking.

Which three ingredients could you not live without?

Salt, Lemons, Olive oil

Which of your kitchen tools would you take with you anywhere and everywhere?

My knives

Do you have any pet peeves in the kitchen?

Yes, chopping board is for cutting, slicing, chopping, not for anything else!

Which meal is your all time favourite?


Which restaurant would you visit over and over again?

Turkey Central Restaurant, Doha, Qatar

If you could only have one recipe book, which one would it be?

The Big Fat Duck Cookbook by Heston Blumenthal

If you could work alongside one chef for a day who would that be?

Thomas Keller

Which ingredient will you not eat or cook with?


What is on top of your bucket list?

To cook a wild boar on open fire in the jungle.

What is your food philosophy?

Seasons excite me! They guide me and before I decide what to cook, I always start with what is seasonally available. The first lesson in cooking is to get your hands on the best ingredients you can afford, and when it comes to fresh vegetables, it’s always better to buy local and seasonal.

Any parting words for the readers?

Passion is the reason we do what we do…it’s what drives us every day. It’s a funny thing, because people can tell when you’re not being genuine…they know when you are not passionate. It shows. If you love what you do, you put everything into it.

The Marine

About The Liz McGrath Collection

The Liz McGrath Collection in South Africa comprises The Cellars-Hohenort, The Marine, and The Plettenberg – three iconic hotels that are proud members of Small Luxury Hotels of the World. Each of the three 5-star hotels boasts a unique location, mesmerising history, splendid design, and amenities and services that are second to none. The Collection features individually designed, sophisticated interiors, the most luxurious accommodations, award-winning gardens and world-class cuisine to exemplify authentic South African hospitality.

Thanks to Janie van der Spuy from FIVESTAR PR for facilitating this interview with Rudi Blaauw.

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  1. Hi Tandy! A very interesting read. Although cooking wild boar in the jungle is not a priority quite yet! I really hope they open the borders for you~ honestly, the vaccine is open to anyone who wants it so people should be allowed to travel. My daughter got COVID 10 days ago and sneezed several times in my face! Yikes. We also shared a hot fudge sundae right before she got a positive test. None of us the rest of us got it (so thankful) and we are not vaxxed. So thankful! But maybe it’s not as contagious as the media would like us to believe and travel is essential! That’ just living life to its fullest.

    1. Oh my, I hope she healed completely! I am so pleased you did not get ill. It seems so random. Who knows just how contagious it really is. All I know is that I want to travel, and having had the vaccine, feel I should be allowed to.

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