Selecting Your Seats For Comfortable Flying

I cannot claim to travel a lot, but we do fly often enough for me to be fussy about our seats. Given a few conversations I have recently had with friends, I decided to write a  post about selecting your seats for comfortable flying.

selecting your seats for comfortable flying

Selecting Your Seats In Economy Class

To be frank, there is nothing comfortable about economy class. The seats are narrow and the leg room is minimal. And you could end up sitting next to someone who has no sense of personal space. Airline configurations differ from plane to plane. And the same plane might have a different layout across the companies that fly them. SeatGuru offers great comments from travellers, and advice, about each and every flight so it is worth checking them out.

Two / Four / Two Configuration

This is the easiest choice to make when the configuration is 2/4/2. Dave and I choose the extra leg room seats with him at the window and me on the aisle. There is an extra charge for these seats but the expense is worth it. I book as early as possible to guarantee these seats. Be advised though, they will always be close to the toilets! And the baby bassinets. However, I personally do not mind putting up with this to have the extra space.

Three / Four / Three Configuration

When it is a 3/4/3 layout I first look to see if there are duo seats on the plane. I would give up the extra leg room to just be the two of us next to the window. We always select the second row of duo seats and on the A380 we always choose to sit upstairs. On flights with no duo seating I look to see if the middle row reduces to 3 seats towards the back. If this is the case then we take the aisle and middle seat in the second row of three. However, if the configuration stays at the maximum then we choose the aisle seat and the one next to it in the extra legroom middle row.

Business Class

Selecting Your Seats In Business Class

It goes without saying that your seats in business class will be so much better. But, business class differs in layout from plane to plane, and airline to airline. This is not my usual method of travel but I book it often enough for friends and family to have an opinion. Try and not sit in the front of the class as it is close to the toilets. And, even though you are flying a more expensive class, the toilet is as small as that in economy. And on same planes there is only one bathroom. If you want to sleep on a flight then do not sit close to the rear of the class. You might end up one row in front of the baby bassinets! In my opinion the most important thing to look at is how you get in and out of the seats.

Most important

Enjoy the flight and remember, you get what you pay for. Flying is all about getting somewhere. So wherever you are going, and wherever you sit, have a safe journey! Please let me know what your seat preference is when you book a flight.

Inspiration published on Lavender and Lime April 22:

South Africa declared a National State of Disaster on the 15th of March. Airline travel has been reduced worldwide. But when we can take to the skies again, I certainly hope this post will be useful.

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14 thoughts on “Selecting Your Seats For Comfortable Flying

  1. It’s funny because some people really love seat 1A (apparently Nicole Kidman loves that seat). I must admit that I was excited when I got to sit there once although I tend to prefer sitting towards the back of the business class cabin.

  2. For our 30th wedding anniversary we flew first class to Hawaii, since there is no business on domestic flights. Since then it’s been business all the way, There’s no turning back once you can actually sleep on a bed on a flight! Never before that have I been able to sleep sitting up, so it’s worth the expense to me.

  3. I’ve never really cared where I sit; my first preference is to make sure the three of us can sit together (preferably window, middle, aisle), and from there we look for the cheapest seats available. I’d rather save money on the flight, and use those savings to spend on some adventures where we are visiting

  4. Thank you for the interesting post. After years of flying, I have found, in a three seat row, if I book the window seat and the aisle seat, nine times out of ten no one chooses the middle seat! Of course, this presupposes that the plane is not packed. In that event it is easy for me to move into the middle seat and leave my husband either at the window or aisle. I look forward to and thoroughly enjoy your posts, many thanks and I hope you are keeping safe

    1. Hi Merle, We have tried this theory for our flights in October so I shall report back to see if it works! Thank you for the comment and yes, we are safe. Stay safe and well, Tandy 🙂

  5. I am a little shorty so I don’t need extra leg room and fit in fine. Terence and the boys struggle. I always sit in the middle with Mike and Terence and Greg have the aisle seats and can stretch out their legs a bit during the night. I don’t know what we’ll do next time we fly as Michael is growing my the minute.

  6. While I’m under 5 ft. my husband is over 6 ft so we fly business or premium economy. There is nothing like a good night’s sleep when flying to Europe so we book seats that fully recline. Spoiled…yes I admit it. 😊

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