Hibiscus Syrup

When searching for inspiration for our Burns Night dinner party I came across a recipe from Tom Kitchin. His recipe was for hibiscus panna cotta with floating islands and strawberries. I made hibiscus mousse with blueberry meringues, hibiscus syrup and served it with fresh berries. Head straight on to the Recipe For Hibiscus Syrup ♥ Sometimes, … Continue reading Hibiscus Syrup

Nasturtium Jelly

Using the flowers of my nasturtium plants, I made Nasturtium Jelly. Nasturtium is an Indian cress and has large, shield shaped, peppery leaves and cheerful, helmet shaped flowers in yellow, orange and red. These flowers make an attractive, edible garnish. (information sourced from The Complete Book of Herbs). I tossed a packet of seeds into the … Continue reading Nasturtium Jelly

Chicken Pasta

I am submitting this recipe for Chicken Pasta to Presto Pasta Nights, which is being hosted this week by Ruth, the founder of this group. This is a weekly get together of bloggers around the world celebrating pasta. I was invited to attend a function by Astral Foods at Jenny Morris's The Cooks Playground. Astral … Continue reading Chicken Pasta