The Burnout, Sophie Kinsella

The Burnout opening lines: It’s not the emails that make me panic. It’s not even the ‘chasing’ emails. (Just wondering if you got my last emails as I have had no reply?)

The Burnout

My blurb:

When joining a convent does not work to get Sasha out of her impossible work situation, her mother comes up with a plan. She will book Sasha into the fancy hotel overlooking the beach where they spent so many happy holidays. Forced into doing nothing by her company, and into drinking kale smoothies and noni juice by her mother, Sasha finally begins to unwind. And with the clarity comes new beginnings, and new hope.

The Burnout

Sasha is well and truly over it all: work (all-consuming), friendships (on the back burner), sex-life (non-existent). Sasha has hit a brick wall.

Armed with good intentions to drink kale smoothies, try yoga and find solitude, she heads to the Devon resort she loved as a child. But it’s off-season, the hotel is falling apart and now she has to share the beach with someone else: a grumpy, stressed-out guy called Finn. How can she commune with nature when he’s sitting on a rock, watching her? Especially when they don’t agree on burnout cures. (Sasha: manifesting, wild swimming, secret Mars bars; Finn: drinking whisky.)
My verdict:

This was the perfect read to start off my holidays. We all need time out and to me, that means settling down with a book. A gentle reminder to take care of our mental wellbeing. A great read from Sophie Kinsella.

About the Author:

Sophie Kinsella is an international bestselling writer. She is the author of many number one bestsellers, including the hugely popular  Shopaholic  series. Sophie has also written seven bestselling novels as Madeleine Wickham and several books for children. She lives in the UK with her husband and family.

Read an extract:

It’s not the emails that make me panic.

It’s not even the ‘chasing’ emails. (Just wondering if you got my last email as I have had no reply?)

It’s the ‘chasing-the-chasing’ emails. The ones with two red exclamation marks. The ones that are either super-pissed off – As I mentioned in my TWO previous emails – or else faux-concerned and sarcastic – I’m starting to wonder whether you have been trapped down a well or suffered some other calamity?? continue reading ….

Publishing information:
ISBN 9781787636552
Format Trade Paperback
Published November 2023

Penguin Random House South Africa sent me this novel to review.

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