The Corsican Shadow, Dirk Cussler

The Corsican Shadow opening lines: Marcel Demille rubbed his tired eyes for the hundredth time. Fatigue draped over him like a heavy cloak as his hands resumed their grip on the thick steering wheel.

The Corsican Shadow

My blurb:

Nothing is ever as simple as Pitt and Giordino would like it to be. They would prefer quiet NUMA explorations, rather than facing being blown to bits while tied to a bomb. But life is always more dangerous than planned, and this time they need to get to the bottom of what is really going on to prove their innocence. And at the same time. Dirk needs to save his children Dirk Jnr and Summer from the same fate.

The Corsican Shadow
France, May 1940. As the German army blitzes Europe, a curator must take a mysterious cargo out of the country. When his intended ship sinks, his cargo’s uncertain fate rests on a decrepit steamer, sailing under German fire.
Decades later, a diving expedition leads Dirk Pitt to a shipwreck’s cache of uncut diamonds. No sooner than discovered, the diamonds are stolen – all while vital water treatment facilities around the globe are being targeted, placing humanity in grave peril.
Only Dirk Pitt can locate the treasure that will preserve the soul of a nation… and save the world from catastrophe.
My verdict:

I am not so sure that the one part of this book is at all believable. But, it makes for a good story. However, the terrorist part of this novel is something so plausible it makes you wonder about how secure the world’s water sources really are.

About the Author:

Dirk Cussler (born 1961) is an American author. He is the son of best selling author Clive Cussler and a co-author of several Dirk Pitt adventure novels, as well as being the namesake of the Pitt character.

Cussler worked for many years in finance before assisting his father in writing the latest novels in the Dirk Pitt series. He also plays an integral part in the non-profit foundation National Underwater and Marine Agency, which was founded by his father. Cussler is head of the council of NUMA and is also a member of the NUMA’s Board of Trustees.

Publishing information:
ISBN 9780241635445
Format Trade Paperback
Published December 2023

Penguin Random House South Africa sent me this novel to review.

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  1. I like historical fiction and I am on the lookout for some books to read. Thanks for the review.. Looks interesting

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