Big Bottle Wine Event

I am doing a picture review of the big bottle wine event only. Cindy who invited me to join her has done a fantastic review which you can read here. Below is a photograph of Cindy, and the gardens of The Cellars-Hohenort Hotel. The venue was well suited to this event and there were only a few occasions where I felt there was not enough space for all of us.

Big Bottle Wine Event
big bottle wine event

these bottles represent just a few of the wines we tasted – I was impressed with most of them and I discovered a few new wine estates that we will visit this coming summer on our days off from work.

Big Bottle Wine Event
Big Bottle Wine Event

the next two photographs get a special mention! Notice my empty glass next to the champagne. The guy serving the champagne not only refused to give us a taste, he would not even speak to us. BAD FORM! I drink a lot of champagne, so you can all guess which one won’t be on my shopping list! The second photograph depicts Idiom wine, and their perfume. The perfume is made to match the notes of the wine and I loved it. I have a huge collection of essential oils and wish I could recreate the scent.

Big Bottle Wine Event
Big Bottle Wine Event

the last photograph collection is of the canapes we enjoyed. Taking center stage is the steak tartare which to my taste buds was the best taste of the day and I had more than one! The left corner is a sea urchin from which I sipped on a fish broth. The least favourite was the bottom right of foie gras mousse with vanilla. It was too sweet and nothing like the amazing foie gras I have tasted in France.

Big Bottle Wine Event
Big Bottle Wine Event

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23 thoughts on “Big Bottle Wine Event

  1. Looks amazing! My most favourite wine is from AA Badenhorst, the white wine with the 6 varieties in, that is just the MOST amazing white wine I have EVER tasted!

  2. Hello from Karen @ Lavender and Lovage! LOVE your blog name and lovely to meet you too……I am a BIG fan of Cape wines as I was born in Fishhoek and lived in Wynberg for several years when I was small!

  3. Wow Tandy…such a fun event, love the pictures!
    Hope you have a great week ahead and thanks for this nice post 🙂

  4. Very shortsighted of the champagne seller, Tandy. With so many good ones out there, he can ill-afford to be so snippy 🙁 – lovely, delicious food photographs.

    I am off to follow the next leg of the Secret Santa trail – great fun! 🙂

    1. It was quite amazing as most wine estates were falling all over people to get them to try the wines, especially with the market being so depressed right now 🙂

  5. I think I would of distracted the Champagne Steward’s attention, while Cindy shook all his bottles up vigorously. I can see the smirks on both your faces, as you walked away side by side, listening to all the bottles, and the Steward as they began to pop their tops.
    Bless You

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