Blackouts And Boerewors

Blackouts And Boerewors combines South Africans’ love of cooking on fire, with our lives enduring load shedding. The key component is that this is distraction-free quality time. The motto we all need to say is “no power, no problem”.

Blackouts And Boerewors

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Blackouts And Boerewors
Load-shedding sucks! You know it. We know it. The whole country knows it. It’s also no secret that it’s here to stay for the foreseeable future. Is it annoying, frustrating and downright infuriating? Yes, no question about it.
However, every blackout is a fire begging to be built, a juicy chop ready to be turned and a family braai just waiting to happen. With a little planning, some clever thinking and 40 great recipes – quick and easy, plan ahead and weekend winners – load-shedding can go from the worst part of your day to the best.
Follow more recipes to become the king of condiments and the sultan of sauces, then power up your pantry with a store-bought collection of spices, smears, sauces and jazzer-uppers.
Put your money where your braaibroodjie goes and join the Beer Country duo as they dive into their best braai recipes for the Eishkom disaster. Welcome to the braaight side of load-shedding life!
BBQ Lamb Ribbetjies
BBQ Lamb Ribbetjies
Chapters are divided into:
  • Making Flavour Bombs
  • Stage 2: Quick & Easy
  • Stage 4: Plan Ahead
  • Stage 6: Weekend Winners
Recipes that caught my eye:
  • Beer Country’s Quarter Cup Braai Marinade (p7)
  • Make-Ahead Dough (p8)
  • Labneh (p9)
  • Boerie-stuffed French Braaibroodjies (p19)
  • Chorizo Butter Prawns (p23)
  • Caprese Quesadillas (p27)
  • Miso Butter Mussels (p36)
  • West Coast Bacon Mussel Pot (p40)
  • Black Mushroom And Brie Braaibroodjies (p50)
  • Roast Beetroot (p65)
  • Braaied Sweet Potato Wedges (p66)
  • Braaied Butter Chicken Curry (p75)
  • Irish-ish Oxtail Stout Potjie (p80)
  • Potjie BBQ Lamb Ribbetjies (p88)
  • Chocolate And Hazelnut Brownie Bread (p95)
Blackouts And Boerewors Braai Marinade
Braai Marinade
What I made:

I took a liberty when making the Beer Country’s Quarter Cup Braai Marinade and did not follow the 60mls ‘rule’ for all the ingredients. I am not a fan of hot sauces so reduced the one ingredient to suit my palate. Regardless, this was a really good marinade and I will make variations of this in the future. The marinade was used to marinade my lamb ribbetjies, which were amazing. And perfect when served with mint labneh.

My impressions:

Lighting a fire, or in our house, striking the gas, is a way of life in South Africa. People braai here as often as possible. In fact, we braai most evenings. Having new ideas to try is a huge tick in my book. I would recommend this for anyone who needs inspiration for their next braai.

Mint Labneh
Mint Labneh
For my overseas readers:
  • Load shedding refers to the rolling blackouts we have when we have no electricity for hours at a time. We have 6 stages with each stage increasing the number of times a day we have no power.
  • A braai is a barbeque and here, real braais are made with wood. We use a gas braai even though we have a proper braai, only to save time.
  • Boerie is short for boerewors, a coarse sausage made from beef, and shaped like a snail that is usually seasoned with coriander and other spices.
  • Some people will tell you that braaibroodjies are a must! These are sandwiches, cooked on the braai, and eaten as a snack while the rest of the food cooks. I like mine with cheese, tomato, mayonnaise and chutney.
  • A potjie is a three legged pot made from cast iron that has a lid. They are perfect for placing directly into the coals. I don’t have one so used my Dutch oven in its place. When you say “come over for a potjie” people expect meat that is slow cooked.
  • Ribbetjies refer to small ribs.
Publishing information:
ISBN 9781485901853
Format Trade Paperback
Published August 2023

Penguin Random House South Africa sent me this recipe book to review.

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12 thoughts on “Blackouts And Boerewors

  1. I cannot find the book at present at my on-line bookstore – am interested enough to persist . . . for you and me it is a book of the days . . . both the summer barbecue and our shared ways of living . . . am quietly pleased this ‘overseas reader’ did not need a single of your explanations . . . want the marinades but am interested in all . . . we do not use the term ‘load-shedding’, just have long, long, long bl. . . dy blackouts . . . hugs . . .

  2. This all looks so interesting Tandy and a real insight into your South African Barbecue traditions. I love the idea of your braaibroodjies, before the BBQ, that’s something we don’t do. However we are fans of the South African sausages, which are quite readily available here. I might suggest tour public library buys this book.

  3. yes blackouts would be very annoying indeed. we did have a lot of brownouts years ago and that was bad enough! Your barbies sound like fun. (barbies=BBQ as you probably know already )…

  4. Oh my goodness Tandy – I thought I was going to have to google all of those terms! How awful to have rolling blackouts. I did know the term brai, but I was worried you were referring to actual wars with the term boerewors! I guess I was thinking boer wars? Anyway, a fabulous post. I love your language. Happy New Year!

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