December 2023 Showcasing In My Kitchen

WOW, December 2023 went by in a flash. We finished work on the 14th and my plan for the rest of the month was to spring clean. I set aside an hour a day to do just that. So far I have done the upstairs of our house, cleaning from floor to ceiling. We went away for 3 nights with friends, and it was bliss. Quiet and serene and just the break we all needed. Christmas was a meze affair, spent with friends. And we had a family celebration on the 27th, which would have been Dave’s mum’s birthday. I also dedicated time each day to blogging, and to cooking. And then of course there was the daily grind of chores ….

Recipes shared in December 2023

In order to share the chicken and pork meatballs recipe, I had to make a roasted sesame sauce, and an onion chilli relish. I also made Mandarin pancakes and ajvar, a red pepper dip. Only two sweet recipes featured this month, a microwave cake, and Ukrainian yoghurt pancakes.

“Scarlett’s Shelf”

When we designed the scullery, the shelf above the dishwasher was meant to be for my recipe books. But, our Boxer puppy was so tall she could reach the counter tops and eat whatever was on them. So, we converted the shelf to  “Scarlett’s shelf” i.e. the place we put everything we didn’t want her to reach. For now, it is my pantry as that has yet to be done. I recently relabelled all of  my containers. I discovered I had two for almond flour, so that was a bonus. And the font is larger which hopefully makes finding things a little easier.

In My Kitchen December 2023

This is my January submission to the #IMK series hosted by Sherry. Each month bloggers around the world gather to share what is new in their kitchens.

Wishing everyone the most amazing 2024! May it be full of love and kindness, and may it hold a gentle touch and kind thought.

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14 thoughts on “December 2023 Showcasing In My Kitchen

  1. Happy New Year, Tandy. I also finished work on the 14th and spent the first week recovering from exhaustion. A first for me; to many medical issues in 2023, me thinks 😊. I have done little blogging as I needed a break.

  2. happy new year Tandy, and thanks for joining in IMK so promptly this month 🙂 Hubby and I have been doing a lot of spring cleaning over the break. always so satisfying! sending best wishes for 2024!

  3. Happy New Year Tandy! We don’t use the word scullery here, but I’m going to start using it. Love the word! Of course, it would help if I had an actual scullery. Anyway, hopefully some of your cleaning energy will reach me soon!

  4. Happy New Cheer! Your pantry is so organised and I’m very impressed with your commitment to spring cleaning. I like the idea of an hour a day – that seems manageable! Everything looks delish – now I’m off to check out your yoghurt pancakes. Yum!

      1. Hi Tandy, I have just replied, hope you received it. Lovely post anyway. Not sure if I need to click on the Google icon first, I’ll try that this time. Love the Ukrainian pancakes, on my list.

  5. Happy New Year Tandy. I’m in the middle of a clean out, interrupted by a trip away but I will get back to it. It’s so satisfying. I can only manage 1-2 hours per day as well. I love your pantry containers, all matching and so organised. I am making a note to try your Ukrainian pancakes , they look delicious. Take care.

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