Food Quiz Number 13 For A Friday

Here are my answers to Friday’s Food Quiz Number 13. The quiz is a weekly feature on PinkPolkaDot, a blog by my friend Zirkie.

1. Give another name for green almonds.

Moretto is a guess!

2. What is “China Grass Powder”?

our equivalent of gelatine?

3. What is Fleur de Sel?

Flower of salt – sea salt which we have seen in Brittany

4. Cherries are native to which country?


5. What is carambola also known as?

Star fruit

6. What spices make up five spice powder?

Cassia, Star Anise, Ginger Root, Cloves and Sishuan Pepper

Food Quiz Number 13
Chinese Five Spice Powder

7. How do you differentiate between male and female fennel bulbs?

This was on one of the master chefs – hopefully I was paying attention – the big fat bulbs are male, and the long slim ones are female. I have them growing wild in my garden 

8. What is the meaning of “smoor”, like in Smoor Snoek?


9. What is the difference between gremolata and chermoula?

Without looking – Gremolata is an Italian dish consisting of chopped garlic, lemon zest and parsley (and goes very well with fish) Chermoula is a North African marinade made up of parsley, oil, lemon juice, preserved lemons, garlic, cumin and salt, onion, coriander and chillies 

10. Do Fig trees blossom?

it is too windy for me to open the door and look at the neighbour’s tree – and I am trying to remember from my childhood! But I would have to say no, cos the fig is the flower!

11. What is galangal?

Not to be confused with ginger root, it is a root similar to ginger in appearance. 

12. Which seeds are ground to make tahini?

sesame seeds – *HINT* store your tahini upside down

13. Which vegetable is used in baba ganoush?

Egg plant/aubergine

14. What is a more common name for Arugula?

I had previously looked this up when we started watching Top Chef, as they use it so much – Rocket

15. What is the main ingredient of kedgeree?

Smoked haddock

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  1. Tandy, I do love these posts they are fun! I love the fennel tid bit, thank you- now my question is do they have a different taste when tasted side by side? 🙂 Oh and to have fennel just growing wildly!!!! I’m envious! Our deer would eat them!

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