Food Quiz Number 23 For A Friday

This Food Quiz Number 23 For A Friday has been set by my friend Pink. Zirkie posts the questions on her blog, and I have answered them here. I am not sure how many are correct.

1. What is the only fruit to have seeds on the outside?

The strawberry 

2. What is broccolini?

a firm favorite of mine from Woolworths – it is similar to broccoli but has a long stem and the florets are clustered at the end

3. If you see the term Coq au vin, on a menu, what does the dish contain?

Chicken with red wine 

4. What are the main ingredients of the Brazilian dish, feijoada?

This is the national dish of Brazil and it is a stew of black beans and pig snouts, ears, and feet. it is served with rice, kale and orange slices (not trying this ever)

5. What is a blini?

 it is a small thick pancake made from buckwheat flour and yeast dough. Russian in origin blini’s are served topped with sour cream and caviar or smoked salmon. (Buckwheat pancakes from Brittany are made without the yeast dough and are called galettes)

Food Quiz Number 23

6. What does the Scoville scale measure?

the heat of a chilli

7. Where is Bhelpuri (a dish of puffed rice, potatoes and a tamarind sauce) very popular?

As Tamarinds are from India and this dish sounds Indian I am going to guess India. Tamarinds are Asian so anywhere in that region could be the correct answer – or maybe even England because they have imported so many Indian dishes

8. What is a sommelier?

a wine steward

9. What is Palm syrup?

I know what palm sugar is as I have some in my cupboard so I am going to assume that palm syrup is the substance derived from this – it will be a syrup similar to corn syrup as it will not be sucrose based (as is cane syrup and beet syrup)

10. The macadamia nut is native to which country?

Australia and Hawaii
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24 thoughts on “Food Quiz Number 23 For A Friday

  1. I haven’t heard of broccolini either – it sounds like it’s a sprouting type of broccoli (the agrdener in me 🙂 )
    And yum to Bhelpuri – reminds me o fMumbai

      1. Hi Tandy, and thanks 🙂 Now I see what it is, a cross between broccoli and Kailaan (I’ve grown it before and it’s known here as Chinese Broccoli, and is yum).
        And lovely that you were sowing carrots 🙂

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