Food Quiz Number 49 For A Friday

PinkPolkaDot on food24 has posted her weekly Food Quiz Number 49 For A Friday. If you would like to do the quiz, please pop on over to her blog and leave a comment that you have done so, with a link to your blog so that she can find you! I would like to say thank you Pink, for my lovely gift:


1. Is watermelon a fruit or a vegetable?


2. In culinary terms what does to “refresh” means?

when you place something you have boiled into cold water, to stop the cooking process

3. How can you make your own “crème fraiche” at home?

by adding buttermilk to fresh cream

4. What is the difference between Rösti and Kartoffelpuffer?

Rosti’s are grated potatoes, which are then packed together and fried. Kartoffelpuffer is also known as a latke (potato pancake) which is a pancake made of grated potatoes, flour and egg

5. Where did Gem squashes originate from?

Central America (Mexico)

6. What are the main ingredients of Breyani?

Basmati rice, spices, protein and/or vegetables

7. What is a Galette?

this depends on the region of France you are in. In most areas of France, it refers to a round cake. It can be flat or free form as well. In Brittany, a galette is flat, oval, buckwheat pancake.

8. What is the difference between Umqa and Umngqusho?

I think this refers to samp and beans but I don’t know enough Xhosa to be sure of the difference

9. A real bagel is not the same as a breadroll with a hole in it! Why?

A real bagel is boiled and then baked

Bagels Food Quiz Number 49

10. What is a “brunoise” of a vegetable?

A cube of vegetables, about 3mm on each side

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5 thoughts on “Food Quiz Number 49 For A Friday

  1. Gem squashes have no nutritional value, other than being roughage. I don’t bother much with them. Have a great week, looking forward to the sleepover 🙂

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