Food Quiz Number 54 For A Friday

My friend PinkPolkaDot has posted her weekly Friday’s Food Quiz Number 54, and here are my answers. You too can participate – just let her know.

1. Where does authentic Hungarian Goulash get its reddish colour from?


Food Quiz Number 54
Crayfish Goulash

2. What is Cataplana?

I am sure we have had this question before! It is a dish used to cook seafood in from Portuguese origin

3. If I talk about Royal Gala, The Starking and Cripps Pink, what am I referring to?


4. What is Bigné and when is it traditionally eaten?

this sounds like Beignets – which I have eaten in New Orleans around Mardi Gras time. They are the holes of the doughnuts

5. What is saladito?

I have never heard of these and so used wiki to learn more! Click here to see the answer

6. What are the main ingredients of Tomato sabayon?

a sabayon is made from egg yolks and sugar and usually alcohol, so I would assume you replace the alcohol with tomato water?

7. What is Pimento also known as?

chilli pepper

8. Ricci di mare is the Italian name for Sea Urchins. What is the best way to eat them?


9. What type of tuna is mostly marketed locally as Musselcracker or butterfish?

this confuses me, as both of these species actually exist. However, we do not always get proper butterfish at restaurants or the markets. As long fin tuna is the most common of all tunas and it is what goes into our tinned tuna, I am going to guess this is the answer.

10. What are traditionally the main ingredients of Parmigiana?

aubergine, cheese and tomato sauce

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14 thoughts on “Food Quiz Number 54 For A Friday

  1. I know a few of these answers, though i suppose being a chef i darn well should. lol

  2. great answers! Didn’t have time this weekend to get around to Pink’s quiz!!

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