Friday’s Food Quiz Number 78

As I don’t have a Sunday interview today, and Pink has posted Friday’s Food Quiz Number 78, I at least have something to do. Please note, my answers may not be correct and Pink posts the correct answers on her blog on a Monday so if you want to check up on how I did, or even do the quiz yourself, please hop on over to her blog.

  1. What is the main ingredient of huevos rancheros?
  2. Where do empanadas originate from?
  3. What is Quesadillas primarily filled with?
  4. What is a mimosa?
    a herb; or a cocktail made up of champagne and orange juice
  5. Where does gado-gado originate from?
  6. What is paccheri?
  7. What is a grand mimosa?
  8. What is lamb lettuce better known as?
    nut lettuce
  9. What is the main ingredient of a tarator sauce?
  10. If something is cooked ‘a la crecy’ what is the garnish?
pasta bianca e nero Food Quiz Number 78
pasta bianca e nero

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