Guardian Peak, Stellenbosch, South Africa

Guardian Peak

I have had ups and downs when visiting Guardian Peak for meals. The first time I went was with friends, their toddler and baby. Maya was still in a pram and we were seated outside. When it started to rain I asked to be moved indoors to a table. But, I was told this was not possible as we did not know the owner or the chef! This left such a bad taste in my mouth and we ate our meal sitting on the floor in the wine tasting lounge. I was reluctant to go back but Jonathan really enjoys their wines. So, we returned and did a wine tasting outside before moving onto the patio area for our meal. In December we met friends for dinner and the food and the service was excellent. So, I decided to go back to do a review.

Guardian Peak


Well, that excellent service must have flown out the door with the summer weather. As we had been seated right next to a huge and loud birthday celebration we asked to be moved. With the change of table came a change of server and our waiter was not at all interested in us. To be polite, his service was lacklustre! I ordered the grilled venison (R198) which should have come plated with cauliflower puree, roasted butternut, red onion & red wine sauce. Instead, my meal came with chips and a side salad.

Not My Main Course
When I told the waiter he had brought the wrong meal he told me there were two venison dishes on the menu. I had not read what came from the grill and surely he should have asked which of the two grilled venison choices I wanted? The one from the grill selection also comes in two weights. No-one apologised for this, including the waiter!

The food

For starters Bev wanted the fresh mussels (R75) but when she enquired whether the spicy Thai red curry sauce was indeed spicy she was told it was very hot. Dave chose these and in fact even I could tolerate the spice levels. Bev was disappointed that she had not ordered them. I ordered the salt & pepper squid (R95) which arrived at the table cold. Eric had the soup of the day (R58) which was a generous portion, and Bev ended up ordering the roast beetroot, orange, fennel & home-made labneh (R62) to start.

Bread And Starters At Guardian Peak

Dave and Bev chose the fresh fish of the day which was salmon (R168) and Eric went for the 300g rump (R180) served with a mushroom sauce (R30). I did not have to wait too long for the correct meal to arrive, and despite the hiccough, the main courses were excellent. For dessert, I chose the crème brûlée (R55) which was served plain, with half a strawberry on the side of the plate for decoration. Eric had the vanilla ice cream cone (R55) which came with chocolate sauce and a flake.

Desserts At Guardian Peak

We will go back for another meal, ensuring that we don’t get the same waiter again. Keep in mind, they only serve wines from the Guardian Peak estate and these are well priced. Contact them on: +27 21 881 3899

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7 thoughts on “Guardian Peak, Stellenbosch, South Africa

  1. What a shame that the service was so bad – I am not sure I’d go back especially since you had two bad experiences with them. I hope they are reading your review (you should definitely make them aware of it) so they have a chance to improve.

  2. As always, your honesty is refreshing. And I agree, that waiter was terrible. It’s so disappointing to get chips as a side when you are expecting something better. And you are correct, he should have mentioned the 2 options of venison available. He was in the wrong.

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