I Have Been Tagged

I Have Been Tagged by the lovely Paula, who blogs over at Reflections From A Cloudy Mirror. Paula has tagged me to answer 11 questions, and to ask 11 people 11 questions.

Here are the eleven questions (very musical ones I see) and my answers (not very musical):

1.  Do you know the way to San José?

no, but google maps does!

2.  What do you get when you fall in love?

a lovely husband named Dave

3.  What’s it all about, Alfie?

who the (bleep) is Alfie – sorry, wrong song!

4.  Why do fools fall in love?

so that people can become grandparents

5.  What kind of fool am I?

I don’t think you are a fool

6.  How do you solve a problem like Maria?

hide her somewhere?

7.  What are you doing the rest of your life?

travelling, shopping, cooking, eating, being in love ….

8.  Do you think I’m sexy?

?? not sure how to answer that, never having seen you!

9.  What’s love go to do with it?


10. “When will I see you again?

around the blogs, ever weekday

11. Are you lonesome tonight?


I Have Been Tagged

my 11 questions:

  1. would you eat brains
  2. would you eat sweetbreads
  3. would you eat fish eyes
  4. would you eat tongue
  5. would you eat haggis
  6. would you eat ox tail
  7. would you eat liver
  8. would you eat kidneys
  9. have you eaten anything that is not considered a normal food group
  10. what is the strangest concoction drink you have ever had
  11. what is your most memorable meal

and I am breaking the rules, and not tagging anyone. However, if you want to answer the questions, please do and let me know 🙂

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21 thoughts on “I Have Been Tagged

  1. Love your non-musical answers, Tandy.. Btw, “Alfie ” is a beautiful sung by Ciiila Black from the 1966 film by the same name, starring Michael Caine and Shelley Winters. I bet you’ve never heard of them either. 😉

  2. Great job, Tandy! Oh, and thanks for not passing it on. Sometimes I wish I had thought of that, but in a way, I’m glad I didn’t, because then I wouldn’t have had the chance to read your responses!

    I’ll answer your questions (great ones, and in keeping with your blog!):

    1. Yes, and I have, but it has been a long time. My Mom used to make us scrambled eggs and calf’s brains, or “brains and eggs,” as we called it, as a treat. i used to love it, but it has been ages since I ate any. Not certain I would now, though.

    2. Yes. I have once, and was not terribly fond of it, but only because it was cooked with a sauce that I did not like. Again, since I am not eating a lot of red meat these days, not sure I will, but if offered in the right situation and cooked well, I probably would again.

    3. The cook for my college dorm used to make for us “fish eye pudding,” which is what he called tapioca pudding! That is the only way I believe that I will eat fish eyes. Especially if I know what I am eating. What makes that different for me from brains and sweetbreads and all sorts of other parts of an animal (i.e. goats’ and/or sheep’s testicles – but I won’t eat those wither!), I do not know. I just guess there are lines I won’t cross. I figure that an animal’s eyes and testicles are their business.

    4. Go to a good NYC deli, and it is almost impossible not to (sliced beef tongue)! Besides, I have had to bite my own tongue enough, that I know well how to swallow it along with my words. My Mom always told me, “Paula, make all your words sweet. That way if you have to swallow them later on, they’ll taste good going down!” Words to live by. . . (Wish I would)

    5. Haven’t yet had to opportunity, but our youngest son ate it when in Scotland, and rather liked it. I probably would at least find it interesting, if not delicious!

    6. Good grief! I make ox tail soup at least a dozen times a year. The answer is YES!

    7. Calf’s liver – definitely. But, it must be served medium rare and is best with bacon and onions, but I can eat it without those, too. Good source of iron, however, quite high in sat. fat and cholesterol, so I steer away from it now. I think the reason many people don’t like it is that they have only had it served to them WAY OVERCOOKED, shoe-leathery, and mealy-textured. YUCK!

    8. They have been served to me once in a steak and kidney pie. I don’t remember what I thought about it, so I’d try them again.

    9. You mean like paste, paint, or other pica-like things? No. I’ve always been fed well enough not to have to resort to such. But, some might consider those items part of a regular food group!

    10. I don’t know. Not sure that I ever have drunk anything strange – at least on purpose. I remember sitting with a friend on a tour bus once who had gotten a carton of chocolate milk out of a vending machine, drank it all, then said, “UGH! That is the worst chocolate milk I have ever had!” I took the carton from him, and could immediately tell that not only was it sour – it was RANCID! I still laugh at that memory! Not so much that he bought it, but the fact that he drank the whole thing. . .

    11. It is a meal that still makes my mouth water, even after well over 45 years. My Dad was quite a good cook. He and my Mom were hosting a dinner party for their Church School class. Daddy decided he wanted to do some barbecue, so he purchased a whole, prime beef tenderloin, (probably about 15 pounds in size – it was huge!) and made his own sauce – with a recipe he made up as he went along, and thus could not repeat – and smoked it over a charcoal grate. He did not overcook it. It still was a lovely medium rare in the middle; and if you have ever heard the phrase, “it would melt in your mouth,” then that meat was the prime example of that phrase. You needed no knife – really – you could cut it with your fork, and the flavors of the meat and the sauce infused with the smoke – unforgettable! I still say hands down, that was the finest food of any kind that I have ever looked at, smelled, or put in my mouth. There were no leftovers.

    Drat. . .Now I’m hungry – and I’ll never taste that particular food again – at least this side of heaven.

    So – thanks for playing along. We both did our part – we need not answer the challenge again. We’ll just link to our posts!

  3. I think the only thing I’d eat on your list is ox tail! Too many memorable meals 😀
    Umm is coffee a food group?
    Weird concoction? The first time I had a smoothie with yogurt I thought it was weird.
    I’ve had some mighty alcoholic concoctions like Bushman’s Balls which once you get over the name it’s really really yummy.

  4. Brilliant answers! And to me Alfi is one of my dogs and Maria is my best pal 🙂 Yes to all the “would you eat” questions and as for food groups? Do crisps count?! Have had many memorable meals and far too many scary cocktails in the late 80s 😉

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