In My Kitchen August 2011

July is my birthday month, and so there are lots of new things in my kitchen:

I received a promotional copy of Baked & Delicious and I have already made lebkuchen from the magazine.

"baked & delicious"
baked & delicious

My friend Karola gave me this:

"chalk board, serviettes and fridge magnets"
chalk board, serviettes and fridge magnets

Erica and Ilanda gave me this:

"hidden valley olive oil"
hidden valley olive oil

I bought this from Cindy as she got two by mistake:

"infinity table"
infinity table

for those of you who don’t know, we live in our garage which has been converted into a cottage. Space is limited and things have to find the best home they can!

Dave and his Mum got me this:

"Kitchen Aid Pasta Attachment"
Kitchen Aid Pasta Attachment

and my sister got me this:

"kitchen aid sausage stuffer attachment"
kitchen aid sausage stuffer attachment

I made some kumquat atchar from a recipe on the foodmonger’s blog

"kumquat atchar"
kumquat atchar

My friend Dena got me this:

"le creuset spoon spatula"
le creuset spoon spatula

my friend Anna got me these – I always need more measuring spoons than I have:

"measuring spoons"
measuring spoons

I ordered an Alice Waters book from excus1ves online and I won this for ordering!

"the flavor bible"
the flavor bible

Thanks Celia for inspiring me to share my kitchen 🙂


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36 thoughts on “In My Kitchen August 2011

  1. Cool – what wonderful pressies you got! After reading one of your previous posts, I bought the Baked and Delicious – have got as far as washing the muffin cases and passed the magazine onto my Mom to read – REALLY want to get back into the kitchen soon.
    Have a happy week.
    🙂 Mandy

  2. Nice!!! I bought the Baked and Delicious after reading yourreview and I love the silicone cupcake holders and @ R29.95 it was a bargain,but i don’t think I will buy the mag @ R69.95?! Enjoy the week!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Tandy! Now that you have so many new stuff in the kitchen…I look forward to see how you will use them 😉
    Hope you have a fantastic week ahead 🙂

  4. What wonderful things in your kitchen this month. I am seriously thinking of getting that new magazine.
    I so love going around your kitchen and your blogs. xx hugs for a wonderful year ahead xx

  5. Oh, Tandy! How many presents!!!! I just can’t understand why I never receive cooking presents for my b-day… You are sooooo lucky!! 🙂

  6. You did hit the jackpot in kitchen goodies this year – Happy Birthday!
    I try to celebrate for the whole month of my birthday!

  7. I do like Celia’s In My Kitchen posts and now I’m having fun seeing what’s going on in other kitchens. You did really well for your birthday, how nice to get so many things you want. Err, what exactly is an infinity table – I couldn’t really make it out from the picture.

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