December 2012 Showcasing In My Kitchen

There is a lot going on In My Kitchen December 2012. This is not going to be a blogging month. Our internet coverage is terrible and it is still taking me hours to blog. I have logged a complaint and we have been told that our area is getting an upgrade so hopefully it will be sorted out in the new year. Other than that, work is very busy and I have very few recipes waiting in my draft folder to quickly push through each morning. Hopefully the December holidays will sort that out. Without any further ado …

In My Kitchen December 2012

Is a bottle of Willow Creek extra virgin olive oil in a squeeze bottle – watch out for my review and recipe

Willow Creek Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Willow Creek Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Is my apple jelly that I made using my bread maker. This was used to make apple and almond bread

Apple Jelly In My Kitchen December 2012
Apple Jelly

In My Kitchen December 2012

Is a tray of tomatoes.  I don’t usually photograph bought vegetables, but these were fantastic and such a great variety and reasonably priced

Tomatoes In My Kitchen December 2012


Is the leftover chocolate glaze from The Jolly Cookathon. So far it has been used to ice a cake and make ice cream.

Chocolate Glaze In My Kitchen December 2012
Chocolate Glaze

In My Kitchen December 2012.

Is a bottle of apricot kernel oil.  I had purchased it to use on my face, but my skin does not like it so I used it up in the kitchen.

Apricot Kernel Oil In My Kitchen December 2012
Apricot Kernel Oil


Is a copy of Summer Cooking by Elizabeth David – a gift from my friend Sam which I shall treasure forever.

Summer Cooking In My Kitchen December 2012
Summer Cooking

In My Kitchen December 2012

Is a spice bomb. I love making my own bouquet garni and this way I don’t have to tie anything up and fish it out after cooking.

Spice Bomb In My Kitchen December 2012
Spice Bomb


Is my copy of Gordon Ramsay’s recipe book which he has signed as a thank you gift for doing a giveaway.

Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery Course
Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course

In My Kitchen December 2012

Is my new bread maker recipe book which I bought as it had a recipe for rye bread in it, but when I got it home and read the ingredient list it is not a 100% rye bread recipe. It does however have a sourdough bread recipe in so I will start that when I go on leave

My New Bread Maker Recipe Book In My Kitchen December 2012
My New Bread Maker Recipe Book


Is my new Bodum tea pot. The builders broke mine when they started breaking the wall down so as I won R100 for my entry to the cake pop challenge I used that to pay for part of the tea pot

Bodum Tea Pot In My Kitchen December 2012
Bodum Tea Pot

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45 thoughts on “December 2012 Showcasing In My Kitchen

  1. Gorgeous stuff in your kitchen, Tandy. That spice bomb looks like a great idea. I’m looking for a recipe for low carb bread. Does your book have one? Hope they get your internet sorted out. I remember how awful ours was before we left SA. They’d been telling us we were getting an up grade for over a year, but it just got worse and worse. 🙁 Here it’s as fast as greased lightning. 🙂 Have a great weekend. xx

    1. I shall look for you when I get home! The internet is SLOW – Vodacom is having a HUGE issue. Have a good weekend as well AD 🙂

  2. What a beautiful pictures of your ‘kitchen’s treasure’. I love the tomatoes picture and the ‘bomb spice’…very useful and pretty

    1. It is very good for ageing skin Usha and my skin has been very dry since the onset of my allergic reaction. I have been test driving skin oils for 2 months now which has been an interesting exercise 🙂

  3. Some lovely things in your kitchen but I was particularly impressed with those tomatoes, what a great selection! I also love apple jelly, I must make some.

    1. thanks, I could not resist the spice bomb but at the moment I have not been able to use is as it is too hot for stews and casseroles and soups 🙂

  4. Tandy, I LOVE that spice bomb! And the heirloom tomatoes look divine, and very photogenic too! I’m so impressed by all the things you cook up in your breadmaker – I think we barely used ours for bread! 🙂

    Hope the internet sorts itself – how frustrating for you – and thank you for taking the time to put this post up despite your connection problems. Have a wonderful Christmas! xx

  5. Hi Tandy! Loving the good things in your kitchen this month! My favourite is the Elizabeth David book. What a treasure! The tomatoes look tasty… and I love those labels on your jars! May I please ask, where id you find them?

    1. Hi Lizzy, I use black board paper which is sticky on one side. I’ve only seen then once here and I bought a roll which I am hoping I can replace when it is done as it peels off easily which means I can use my glass jars over and over 🙂

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